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About Flywheel

Flywheel is a solid managed WordPress hosting provider at budget prices. It offers security focused hosting, blazing fast speed, nightly backups, global availability, SSH gateway, free SSL certificate and it is fine tuned for WordPress. Readmore
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Flywheel Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ Flywheel is one of the best managed WordPress hosting solution for busy creatives. It offers sleek workflow tools for developers and agencies to quickly and easily build, launch, and manage all their WordPress sites. One doesn’t have to start building a site from the scratch, instead they can clone sites and make the necessary changes with the help of amazing developer tools. “


  • A good suite of WordPress-specific (and security) options
  • Great support service
  • Fast, stable performance
  • Multiple advanced features for freelancers and agencies
  • All plans feature demo sites


  • A higher price tag than some competitors, especially if you expect to host multiple sites.
  • You won’t have control over wp-config.php

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


There are several Managed WordPress Hosting Solutions are available, among which FlyWheel is a highly reputed Managed WordPress Hosting provider. It is greatly known for its performance and best-in-class features which many businesses love. This review will tell about FlyWheel in detail. By the time, grab our FlyWheel Discount Code with which you can enjoy savings up to 50%.

What exactly is FlyWheel?

FlyWheel + FlyWheel Discount Code

FlyWheel is a powerful managed WordPress hosting solution designed for creatives. It has an intuitive dashboard that helps you to manage your sites, collaborate with coworkers and clients, and focus on growing your business. It completely focuses only on WordPress. FlyWheel offers Free migrations, free SSL, free demo sites, free malware cleanup and more. Its features range from building and launching your site to managing and re-designing it.

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FlyWheel Features


1) Blazing-Fast Site Speed

FlyWheel WordPress hosting services are mainly known for its blazing site speed. They offer very quick page loads via fine tuned servers. Besides they offer a custom caching solution that easily outputs the results in no time. In order to deliver powerful performance and enhanced load speed, FlyWheel is partnered with Google Cloud platform. It serves its users better with unbelievable page load times.

2) Excellent 24/7 Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support is another incredible feature of FlyWheel WordPress Hosting. Their talented support team are always available to provide answers for the queries of their customers. You can contact them via phone, email, live chat or through ticket support system. They address your queries very soon. Flywheel also offers plenty of resources where you can learn everything from how to build a business to how to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

3) Less Downtimes

Improved redundancy is another plus of FlyWheel. As you host your website on cloud with a network of servers, if one server goes offline, the cloud network will still function. Obviously this reduces your site’s downtime. Its partnership with Google Cloud has tremendously improved the performance of many websites hosted with FlyWheel. 

FlyWheel Promo Code & Pricing


As far as the prices of FlyWheel are concerned, you get 4 subscription plans and below is the cost details.

Tiny Plan –  Costs $15 per month for 1 WordPress website.

Starter Plan – Costs $30 per month for 1 WordPress site.

Freelance Plan – Costs $115 per month for up to 10 WordPress sites.

Agency Plan – Costs $290 per month for up to 30 sites.

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FlyWheel is an excellent hosting provider of WordPress websites. It’s move to the Google Cloud Platform and the upgrade of their hosting infrastructure appear to have really paid off. So, if you’re looking for solid managed WordPress cloud hosting, FlyWheel is definitely a good option. Before you get it, don’t forget to redeem our FlyWheel Discount Code! This offer is valid only for a limited period. Host your websites with FlyWheel and let us know your experiences in the comment section below.