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About FairLab

FairLab is a cloaking software that creates high quality cloaking links. It offers simplicity, the right degree of control, and near perfection when creating your cloakers. Expect WebRTC IP-Leak protection, device fingerprinting, IP PTR Record Lookups, Headless Browzer prevention, real device detection, zero-redirect cloaker, and Facebook Pixel Forwarding. Readmore
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FairLab Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ FairLab is a simple but powerful service that allows you to create cloaking links. According to the website, FairLab use a neutral network specially created for cloaking and that is why they have such high-quality transitions. FairLab features zero-redirect cloakers, device fingerprinting, IP PTR record lookups, and SaaS – AFFcoupons.com “


  • User response detection
  • Deep links
  • Port scanning
  • Device fingerprinting


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


FairLab Coupon Code – Get high quality cloaking links to your website!

Are you taking your business to an extra mile and be ahead of your competitors? Try using FairLab and be ahead of others. It will help you solve the problem you have with your customers and gain more sales from your business. With FairLab you will have good relationship with your visitors which is the key to every business to succeed.

What is FairLab?


FairLab is a platform that will allow you to offer services that have cloaking links with high quality. It will help you to be ahead of your competitors by achieving high results from your customers. It works by analyzing transitions from neutral networks.

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FairLab Features

FairLab Features

FairLab has several key features and the important ones are listed below:

1) Control Where Necessary

FairLab provides a quick response to the self-learning system to any changes to ensure the safety of your advertising approaches. It also ensures that you get the ability to pay with cryptocurrency guarantees. This approach also lacks financial censorship which makes it better and enhances improvement in your business.

2) Clear Simplicity in Everything

FairLab makes everything in your business to be fast and does not require a lot of time to accomplish it. You will also not require to create a lot of pages with the strange script which could eat up your time as well. FairLab allows you to operate your business with a lot of ease than your competitors. You will also not require a lot of servers with which IPs will be blacklisted due to advertising campaigns.

3) No limit to Perfection

FairLab ensures that there is an analysis done to all visitors who are involved in your business. The use of systems is used to analyze each visit for about 140 parameters. As you analyze, you will also continue to learn new things which will help to grow your business. Analytical skills will also be improved with each and every click.

FairLab Coupon & Pricing


FairLab has a number of pricing plans. Check out more savings on FairLab by claiming the FairLab Coupon Code now!

The pricing plans are:

Light Package costs $399/Month for Annual subscription, $449/month for the monthly subscription, and $19.99/day for the weekly subscription. This feature has unlimited visits, 25 unique campaigns, 125 campaigns, 10 connected domains, up to 5 domains per link, and free SSL Cert for each domain.

Prime Package costs $799/Month for Annual subscription, $999/month for the monthly subscription, and $39.99/day for a weekly subscription. This feature has all the features of the light plan plus. It also includes all-white links, 50 unique campaigns, and 500 campaigns at the same time.

Corp Package costs $999/Month for Annual subscription and $1199/month for the monthly subscription. FairLab has not given a price for its weekly subscriptions. This gives you all the features of the Prime plan plus. It has 150 unique campaigns, up to 25 domains per link, 50 connected domains, and 750 campaigns at the same time.

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