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About Envato

Envato is the number one go-to platform for all things digital creative products. With a contributing global community of over 8 million artists, Envato has arguably the largest collection of digital assets for all your creative needs. You can buy fonts, photos, add-ons, and templates among others. Readmore
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Envato Coupon Codes and Discounts 2022

“ Envato is a massive collection of digital products for creative use. In other words, Envato sells a huge inventory of premium digital products including graphic templates, stock videos, stock photos, music tracks, web templates, sound effects, fonts, and such. You can buy or sell on the Envato platform – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Great market for the creative types to sell their digital wares
  • The platform is a great place to find inspiration and ideas
  • Offers buyers a one-stop-shop for all digital goods
  • The extend of options available is mind-boggling
  • High-quality products on sale


  • Varied customer support reports online
  • You have to buy everything individually which adds up to quite an amount

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Envato Coupon Code – Buy all the top digital assets and services for your business today at unbelievable price!

Are you having a problem on where to, buy files, hire freelancers or learn the skill to build websites? Envato is what you need. It focuses on entrepreneurship, integrity, diversity and also the community at large to enhance growth. But what is Envato really all about?

What is Envato?


Envato is a platform featuring different tools to help you get your creative projects done. Envato features various products including Envato Elements (a platform with millions of creative assets), Envato Market (a marketplace selling individual assets), Placeit by Envato (a space to create mockups, logos, social posts, and videos in seconds), Envato tuts (tutorials, courses, and ebooks), Envato Studio (where you can hire professional designers to deliver complete design projects), and so on. 

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Envato Features

Envato Features

Envato has a number of features some of which are listed below:

1) Template Kits

Envato gives you more than 1000 free template kits for your WordPress site. When you download the Envato element, you then browse page templates to get free assets for your site. This feature also:

  • Gives you a professional-looking site easily and quickly
  • Work perfectly with popular wordPress page builders

2) Unlimited Downloads

Envato has no download limit. So, you can be able to access as many assets as you want. Other stock image resources limit your asset access. This feature means you have a wide range of assets to choose from and also the freedom to be as creative as you desire.

3) Commercial License

Envato ensures that you get a commercial license after you subscribe. With this license, you will get access to any image you want to use in your business medium like a website.

4) Presentation Templates

Envato has more than 35,000 templates to choose from for your work. With the best presentation template, you will have confidence as you present your ideas. With this feature, you can use any form be it Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides. Even if you are doing something for fun, these templates will still be available.

Envato Coupon and Pricing

Envato Pricing

There are three options for subscribing to Envato Elements. The payments are done on a monthly basis. They include:

Individual package: (the ultimate creative subscription) costs $16.50 per month.

Team package: (save as you add up to 5 members) costs $10.75 per month, per member for 5 members.

Student package: is 30% off the normal subscriptions.

Enterprise package: (get custom solutions and prices)

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Envato is thus the best market place for web designers and others who are creative to sell their digital assets and also motivate others. So get this amazing tool by using Envato Coupon Code. For sure you can save more money with this exclusive coupon. Please try it and share your feedback. Your response is highly appreciated.