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About Emojics

Emojics is a feedback and lead generator tool that improves your websites engagements in every way. It embeds on your website to provide a fun and easy way for customers to provide feedback. Ultimately, you can use the feedback to optimize the user experience and generate sales. Readmore
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Emojics Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Emojics is a real-time feedback and analysis tool that shows what the audience feels about a certain product. It encourages customers to fully express themselves in creative ways while offering businesses important insight regarding customer feedback. Emojics can embed in websites and channels to ease the feedback process – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Instant real-time user feedback
  • People love emojis so the volume of feedback is fairly decent
  • Generates leads effortlessly
  • Powerful Analytics and reporting
  • Free trial


  • You cannot trigger the widget based on user-action
  • Limited payment options excluding PayPal and Skrill

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Emojics Coupon Code – Innovative Customer Engagement tool is here at a very low cost.

User feedback is invaluable to business owners. It helps you understand your customers better and get insights into your business and products. So finding the right platform to get such insights from valuable customers is vital. Emojics is the ultimate platform for this kind of service.

What is Emojics?


Emojics provides a platform for users to share their feedback about products. According to the website, Emojics is an unstoppable feedback machine that helps you get 10x more user feedback easier and faster. Emojics is fun too! They have reaction buttons that contain different feelings about products creating an easy, fun way of determining how the market feels about your products. With this tool, high audience engagement is definitely possible. So still wondering?

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Emojics Features


1) Reaction Buttons

These are basically the emojis that we know and love. Admittedly, many people are not big fans of typing. Emojis are a fun and fast way to provide feedback without having to extensively type.

2) User and Seller Interaction

The seller is able to converse with their buyers to ascertain why they feel a certain way about a particular product. This way, you as a business owner will acquire crucial information on the areas that need improvement, the ones that work perfectly, and how to improve your products and services. So start using Emojics and improve user seller interactions.

3) Analysis of Products

Emojics provides great product analysis. You will learn which products your consumers love and the products that aren’t popular. Also, you will gain rare insight into the ideal market group for your products or services.

4) Analysis of Users

Emojics provides an analysis of the users of a product by using their reactions and other information. This information can be invaluable when determining your marketing strategies and targeting so that you can reach your ideal audience at an opportune time. Thus analyzing users is made easy.

Emojics Coupon & Pricing

Emojics Pricing

As we see, Emojics has three available subscription-based plans and they are as follows:

Pro Plan: Costs $9.50 per month or $7 monthly if billed annually. For this affordable amount, you get advanced customer analysis, up to 250/mo feedback, and leads on their products.

Growth Plan:  Goes for $19.50 monthly or $14.50 a month if billed annually. You can expect up to 2500/mo feedback, advanced consumer analysis, use of up to 2 websites, and easy emoji customization.

Business Plan:  Valued at $39.50 a month or $29.50 every month if billed annually. You are entitled to more than 10,000/mo feedback and all other features from other plans including the use of up to 4 websites.

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Finally, Emojics is an effortless way to find out the type of products that the market really needs and what the market feels about your products. So you may even have some emoji fun along the way. As this tool is highly interactive, there are very good chances of getting more conversions. So don’t delay. Redeem Emojics Coupon Code today! What are your thoughts about Emojics? Let us know in the comments section below.