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About DPD

DPD is an international parcel delivery company with dominance in Europe. DPD delivers approximately 5.3 million parcels worldwide every day with help from Chronopost, SEUR, and BRT. In addition to making deliveries, DPD also does pick-ups and returns(38). Dropshippers need reliable parcel delivery and DPD's the best! Readmore
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  • Efficiency
  • Customer Support
  • Parcel Handling
  • Pricing

DPD Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ DPD is a massive international parcel delivery service and the 2nd largest in Europe. DPD delivers 5.3 million parcels a day worldwide. Their services include drop-off, pick-ups, and returns. Any affiliate with a dropshipping company can appreciate a good parcel delivery company. DPD delivers parcels weighing below 30kg – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Timely delivery of parcels
  • Courteous customer support
  • Careful handling of parcels
  • Polite, professional staff


  • Varied online reviews

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DPD Coupon – Purchase the best in class digital publishing platform at amazing price.

A good shopping cart is invaluable to drop shippers. For a dropshipping business to run smoothly, you need a reliable parceling company to help you ship your products to the end user. One such company is DPD.

What is DPD?


DPD is a shopping cart that facilitates selling and shipping of products. When you use DPD, you can track the location of your products all the way to the end user.

DPD does not charge you per sale, they offer monthly pricing for all sales. This way, you can send your clients emails and also notify them when there’s a new product. Also it becomes easy to deliver your products in a more secure way. 

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DPD Features


1) Predictions & Real-time Parcel Follow-up

DPD is an innovative parcel carrier which offers a predict service. Essentially, DPD will provide the parcel recipients with a 1-hour delivery gap. Afterward, the recipients will be notified through an SMS or Email to avoid waiting all day long.

Further, DPD allows you, the recipient, to keep an eye on your parcel delivery progress on a real-time map

 2) DPD Pickup

DPD offers customers the choice to pick their order from the nearest DPD pick-up point. Additionally, an inflight option is available for the customers who aren’t available during delivery time.

The pick-up option is available through Email or SMS. When in effect, the delivery will typically be diverted to the nearest pick-up point.

3) Logistics

DPD affords a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions designed to assist your enterprise to run at top efficiency and profitability.

From manufacture to delivery, DPDs logistics seamlessly links you to your customers by the use of superior applied sciences and a tremendous delivery network.

4) Pharmacy Services

DPD is familiar with the necessities of pharma logistics and delivery. With their devoted good distribution practices and skilled personnel working, DPD offers real time track and find information, pro-active exception monitoring, and procedures. All these practices are mainly developed to meet the desires of the pharmaceutical, lifestyle,  sciences, and medical clients.

DPD Coupon & Pricing

DPD Pricing

DPD offers different pricing for businesses and customers. The pricing criterion is pretty complex considering they charge according to weight.

This is the price list for Business while this is the price list for Individuals.

Also, you can either pay online or pay on delivery.

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The services offered by DPD are essential for all groups of people, including individuals and companies. Plus, DPD offers lots of extra services like pick-up services for those customers returning faulty products. With this all in one shopping cart, you will be able to sell your services effectively. So still wondering? Don’t delay. Get exclusive 90% DPD Coupon Code only here! Make use of this insane deal and start delivering your products online. Do you have any experience with DPD? Please share your thoughts.