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About DatsPush

DatsPush specializes in push notification ads. With DatsPush you can easily monetize your site with quality traffic. It targets its audience in several monetization methods to generate high conversions. It is 100% safe, easy to setup and offers daily payouts. Readmore
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DatsPush Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ DatsPush is among the top Push notification ad networks that drives high quality traffic and generates high revenue. It keeps you notified about your preferred brand’s every new event, upload and offer whenever the brand makes it publically available. It offers great features like very low ad bidding, advanced targeting, real-time statistics, auto-blacklisting, personal manager & support service.- AFFcoupons.com “


  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality traffic
  • Fast moderation
  • Works on 120 geo-locations
  • Supports 3 formats; Phone push, web push, and rich push


  • Slow response by customer support
  • Live chat is not available
  • The cropping image feature is not available

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Compared to other ad formats, online push notifications are delivered right to the user screen, even when they are not searching the web or interacting with an app. With push ads, advertisers can target their potential users on any device or platform – it helps to attain higher retention rates and reach new clients at global scope. There are several push notification ad networks that helps you gain high revenue by driving more traffic. DatsPush is one such network and here let’s see in detail about it. Before we proceed, don’t forget to claim DatsPush Promo Code available here!

What exactly is DatsPush?

DatsPush & DatsPush Promo Code

DatsPush is a huge international advertising network that specializes in push notification ads. It helps you to sell high quality traffic and to monetize websites. The network has more than 100 million active impressions and its services are spanning across 250 countries. DatsPush offers 3 types of push notifications namely Mobile Push, Web Push and Rich Push. It offers several benefits like High CTR, Low bids, huge volume, security, daily payouts and more.

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DatsPush Features

DatsPush Features

1) Advanced Targeting

DatsPush offers advanced targeting options like

  • Country, Region, City – GEO targeting
  • Device type, Browser, Browser language, Platform, Android version, Device resolution – targeting based on the device, browser, language, OS version and even screen resolution used.
  • White list/Black list site – respective white and black website lists

2) Auto Blacklisting

For easy and pleasant work with the advertising network, DatsPush has AutoRules for adding sites to the Black List. You do not need to manually select inappropriate sites from statistics or trackers. The machine will do it for you. You just set the criteria for being blacklisted, and if the site meets them, it is automatically sent to your blacklist. With this feature, the costs of campaign tests are significantly reduced. If the site does not suit you in terms of quality, DatsPush immediately stops traffic from it.

3) 24/7 Support Team

DatsPush offers great customer support service. You can contact them through Personal Account Manager via mail, Skype, and Telegram. They also provide an FAQ section from where you can get the answers for your queries. The replies are instant and they are more responsive.

DatsPush Coupon Code & Pricing

DatsPush Coupon Code &Pricing

DatsPush offers all payouts through two types of payment models:

CPA – All registered publishers can earn fix payout for each subscriber. These rates are according to GEO-based rates decided by the DatsPush team.

Revshare – This is the revenue share model and makes sure that you get paid for every ad-click, made by your subscribers. DatsPush sells the traffic using the CPC model (payments for clicks). The minimal cost per click is $0.001 USD. When configuring your promotional campaign you can see the recommended prices for all countries (Bids section).

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DatsPush is an amazing push notification network that has an easy to use interface, retargeting options, high quality traffic, fast moderation and more. No doubt, this network ensures high revenue. If you are looking to promote push notification ads, DatsPush would be a go to network. So don’t fail to claim our DatsPush Promo Code with which you can save a lot of your ad spends. Get access to DatsPush soon and let us know your experience.