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About Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector is a hunt spy tool that collects information from your website and other e-commerce public sources and provides you with the relevant analysis. It allows you to track the trends of your competitors' online stores and allows you to extract information regarding competitor sales revenues. Readmore
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  • Research and Trends
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  • Tracking
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Commerce Inspector Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“Commerce Inspector is a browser plugin that is installed can be installed as an extension that reveals secrets of any e-commerce you visit. This tool has the free and paid version, it is easy to use and can extract information through public sources like Google, Facebook, and Instagram- “


  • User friendly interface
  • Commerce inspector offers around 16 features with detailed information
  • A high percentage of happy satisfied clients
  • A free version is available for trial


  • Free version has limited features that may not be very effective
  • No official web tutorials available on how to use the commerce inspector

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Commerce Inspector Coupon Code – Track all the winning dropshipping products, their sales, traffic and much more using Commerce Inspector!

Commerce inspector is a handy e-commerce plugin that you can install on Google Chrome extension. It is a competitive intelligence tool that allows you to track any online stores product launches, best sellers, traffic sales apps and campaign ads. You can build a better brand, and sell the right products, grow faster when using the commerce inspector through gaining access to online stores that are doing well.

What is Commerce Inspector?

Commerce inspector is a browser plugin that reveals the secrets of all the e-commerce you visit. When you visit any site, this tool reacts when it detects a compatible commerce inspector tool. Clicking on the e-commerce icon of a wanted competitor it reveals a plethora of competitive insights and allows you to monitor and follow trends of the competition. If you are working with online stores and selling any of your products online commerce inspector provides the insights and inspiration that you need to compete effectively and grow as earlier mentioned.

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Commerce Inspector Features

1) Third-party Tools and Apps

Third-party tools are often the secret sauce for most successful stores online. Discover tools and apps that you did not even know you need to perfect your market strategies. See exactly what apps and tools your competitors are using and also a way to have them installed directly.

2) Traffic Insights

Commerce inspector aids in tracking varying ads that competitors are using, hence you gain all the product insights, including a list of major recently launched products.  Commerce inspector aids in monitoring different types of ads that your competitors are using. These can be both onsite campaigns, SMS campaigns email adverts etc. You can also see the new and updated product line of your competitors.

3) Store Insights

If you want to know whether you’re competitive, a stores are adding more products. Commerce inspector it the tool for you. This tool has a feature that allows you to know the store adding more products. Commerce inspector has chart features that will enable you to recognise precisely when products launched and the successful tags.

Commerce Inspector Coupon and Pricing

You can get e-commerce inspector essential plugin free-forever. This free plan gives access to product insights, apps, traffic.

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Commerce inspector offers you Simple, transparent pricing varieties with no hidden charges. All premium plans have the same features, but prices vary depending on the number of stores tracked.

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Entrepreneurs are increasingly achieving marketing freedom by using commerce inspector.  You are guaranteed increased sales and brand growth against your competitors when using this fantastic tool. This tool works through helping entrepreneurs gain access to relevant data that will help them up to their marketing game. Get your commerce inspector now by claiming Commerce Inspector Coupon and be ahead of the game.