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About ClickMeter

ClickMeter allows you to track your marketing links and increase conversion rate. You can create tracking link in seconds and start monitoring your marketing activities and user behaviors. It offers all the necessary tools to run successful campaigns. Readmore
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ClickMeter Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code 2021

“ ClickMeter is an excellent conversion tracking tool that allows you to monetize, compare and optimize all your marketing links from a single dashboard besides creating short URLs. You can monitor user activities and check for broken links, blacklists etc.  The reporting tool also provides detailed reports of all the campaigns run and for tracking subscriptions.”  – “


  • No installation required
  • Tracks conversions at the best
  • It is a complete web based tool
  • Offers multiple targeting metrics
  • Very scalable


  • A bit expensive compared to others
  • Has fairly low ratings

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Online businesses are increase day by day and digital marketers are very much concerned about their marketing campaigns. This is due to the fact that they invest a lot in order to gain recurring revenue. For this purpose, they track their campaigns to know how exactly are they performing. Many tracking tools are currently being used by most entrepreneurs. The popular one is ClickMeter. Here is an exclusive ClickMeter Coupon Code which lets you save up to 95%. Don’t let it to expire.

And of course, without tracking you will not be able to know who are actually your customers, how much traffic you get, what are the areas your should improve and so on. ClickMeter is so effective that it provides you all the information about your campaigns.

What is ClickMeter?


ClickMeter is a robust link tracking tool that helps you to monitor your marketing campaigns. You can effectively track your customers interest, their behavior, the number of clicks, traffic, location and more. The solution records activities that occur in different channels and provides a full report about their statuses. It is greatly used by affiliates, marketers and digital agencies. It gives you detailed insights about your marketing campaigns via powerful tracking and analytics.

Are you looking for such a tool to know your business and audience? If yes, then you are in the right place. Using our exclusive ClickMeter Coupon Code, you can save upto 95% on its purchase. Isn’t this amazing? Grab the deal now!

ClickMeter Features

ClickMeter has several features some of which are listed below:

1) Real-time Analytics

ClickMeter provides detailed analytics on your customer stats. You can easily measure which clicks and how many of them were made on your links. The dashboard tracks KPIs, compares results from different periods and data points, shows which conversion process worked better, and compares trends of different campaigns. Even split A/B testing included to know which landing pages are more productive.

2) Ultimate Data-collection and Tracking

ClickMeter is popular for its tracking capability. It completely analyses the customer views, number of click and the conversions happening on the go. The tool converts the destination URL, the original link, into a tracking link. You can utilize this tracking link wherever you want such as Twitter, Facebook, and e-mails. Redirection happens so quickly, perhaps in milliseconds, which the visitor is unable to notice.

3) Click Fraud Alert

The tool monitors the backlinks of your website, false/fraud clicks, and broken links. Click fraud detection is a must have feature for PPC campaigns or auction based advertising. You need to configure them after which they can point out to fraudulent campaigns. You may get notices on fraudulent clicks and tweak settings in your ad campaign accordingly to improve ROI.

ClickMeter Coupon & Pricing

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter offers three pricing plans namely Medium, Large and X-Large. The costs increase on the go. With ClickMeter subscriptions, you can get up to 1 billion events/month per account. Let’s have a look at the costs below.

Medium Plan – This plan costs $29 per month for which you get 25,000 events per month, 2500 data points, 1 branded domain and few other features.

Large Plan – It costs $99 per month. You get 200,000 events/month, 20,000 data points, 10 branded domains including several other features.

X-Large Plan – Charges $349 per month and you get 2,000,000 events/month, 200,000 data points, 100 branded domains and more. 

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No doubt, ClickMeter is an awesome tool for tracking your marketing campaigns. As we see, the features it offers are also extraordinary. You can surely take your business to greater heights by using ClickMeter. This is all because of its effective tracking capability. With that you can completely analyze things in your market and make proper decisions. Then what are you still waiting for? Grab our 95% ClickMeter Coupon Code soon before the offer ends. Use the tool and share your comments with us.