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About The CBO Blueprint

The Ultimate CBO Blueprint is a resource for Facebook marketers to learn how to consistently profit and scale using campaign budget optimization with no inconsistencies. Created by Alex Fedotoff, the Ultimate CBO Blueprint will teach you all the winning strategies the best Facebook marketers on earth use. Readmore
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The CBO Blueprint Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ The Ultimate CBO Blueprint is an online course by Alex Fedotoff. It details how the best Facebook marketers on earth consistently profit and scale with campaign budget optimization and no inconsistencies. You will learn step by step instructions of CBO scaling, proven strategies for testing, scaling, and optimization – “


  • 5 detailed step by step instructional videos inside actual Ad accounts
  • Alex Fedotoff’s exact strategies for testing optimization and scaling
  • 5 step by step instructional cheatsheets to make 3xROI
  • Low budget and high budget CBO strategies to use for massive scaling


  • You have to purchase the CBO Blueprint to access the information.

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


CBO Blueprint Coupon Code – Experience the wonderful approach towards Facebook campaigns!

Digital marketing is an interesting and lucrative industry that is growing quite fast. And while it is already highly competitive industry, there are plenty of resources to learn how to do it right. The Ultimate CBO Blueprint is one such incredibly useful resource. Let’s find out why.

What is Ultimate CBO Blueprint?

Ultimate CBO Blueprint

Ultimate CBO Blueprint teaches you how to maintain consistent profit and scale with campaign budget optimization without any inconsistencies. They have five deep and step-by-step instruction videos inside of ad accounts by spending $1000-$5000 a day on CBO. They also provide exact strategies and cheatsheets for testing, and scaling with CBO’s for any budget. So make the most out of the Ultimate CBO Blueprint now. Claim the Ultimate CBO Coupon Code – use ACTHECBO only here!

Ultimate CBO Blueprint Features

Ultimate CBO Blueprint Features

1) Video Tutorials

Ultimate CBO Blueprint uses video tutorials to teach about the online marketing industry. You can expect 5 deep step-by-step instruction videos to guide you on ad accounts spending $1,000 – $5,000 a day on Facebook ads. Moreover, you’ll learn exact strategies and cheatsheets for testing, optimizing, and scaling with CBO for any budget as well as step-by-step cheatsheets to spend $3m to $5m per month n Facebook ads with 3x+ ROAS.

2) CBO Pro Testing CheatSheets

Ultimate CBO Blueprint breaks down the process of testing cheatsheets for success. You will learn the best LLAs to use with CBOs, 3 CBO structures for testing any product or offers, LTV CBO formulas for finding high-value customers, 1% framework for testing CBOs and so on.

3) CBO Profit Optimization Strategy

Ultimate CBO Blueprint wants to ensure you master how to maximize and profits consistently. You will learn the eye of providence optimization network, media buyer multiplier network, CBO profit milking formula, and KPIs paradigms and staying focused on the goals.

Ultimate CBO Blueprint Coupon & Pricing

Ultimate CBO Blueprint Pricing

You can get instant access to Ultimate CBO Blueprint for the one-time price of just $97. Ultimate CBO Blueprint offers a 3 part series plus lots of bonuses. Beware that Ultimate CBO Blueprint does not offer any refunds. Since it is a one-time purchase, the creators of Ultimate CBO Blueprint impress upon you to ensure you agree with this policy before making the purchase.

Buy the Ultimate CBO Blueprint at a very low cost. Redeem 30% CBO Blueprint Coupon Code soon before the offer ends.

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Thus, Ultimate CBO Blueprint is one of the best resources to get advice on making incredible ROAS on Facebook ads. You will learn how to test, profit and scale exponentially. There are quite a number of positive reviews regarding Ultimate CBO Blueprint.  We would love to hear what you think. Before that check out exclusive CBO Blueprint Coupon Code – ACTHECBO only here! Have you tried Ultimate CBO Blueprint? If not, don’t delay. Purchase it soon and start optimizing your Facebook campaigns. Share your experience in the comment section below.