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About BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is a software designed for social media monitoring. If you ever wanted to find out what people are saying about your products and brand, BuzzBundle is your ideal solution. Also, BuzzBundle powers up your SEO campaigns by monitoring your online reputation and maintaining consistent online presence. Readmore
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  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics
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BuzzBundle Discounts and coupons 2022

“ BuzzBundle is a social media monitoring software designed to monitor all social media platforms and let you know what people are saying about your products and brand. BuzzBundle will promote your brand, drive traffic, and increase your online presence all(40) on autopilot. It’s like your own PR secretary – “


  • Create unlimited personas and unlimited profiles
  • Manage your brand reputation by monitoring what is said online
  • Helps you build a powerful combination of SEO and social media to drive maximum traffic to your website
  •  Create comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports on your SEO and social media campaigns
  • Easy switch between accounts as you post on social media


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not cloud-based

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


BuzzBundle Coupon – Monitor your social media effectively and see what opinion your brand has got among the social media users. 

Are you seeking a platform to engage with your audience through various social media platforms? If yes, BuzzBundle is what you need. What does BuzzBundle offer? Let us find out.

What is BuzzBundle?


BuzzBundle is a form of social media management in which more traffic and optimized interaction is generated. It can be adopted by big enterprises, small businesses, or individuals. With BuzzBundle you can power-up your marketing campaign and get more from your product and brand. This is achieved as it supports multiple accounts and languages.

BuzzBundle is the solution to all social media scaling problems. It will engage you with contacts that matter on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and Google + among others. 

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BuzzBundle Features

BuzzBundle Features

BuzzBundle has numerous features some of which are listed below:

1) Easily Switchable Accounts

With BuzzBundle, you don’t have to log in to every account at a time. After login, you only need to pick the account needed then click on the same platform. You will also view multiple profiles on one social media platform and switch between various profiles in a short time. BuzzBundle also makes it possible for you to address multiple interactive channels efficiently.

2) Multiple Profiles, Personas, and Accounts

BuzzBundle allows you to manage several personas and profiles by a single person. You can publish an article to all accounts at a go. This feature has other benefits including managing and monitoring multiple online channels with limited resources, more interactive online discussions plus you can comment or post on social media channels using different accounts.

3) Enhancement of Proxy Usage

Some people do not like to disclose their actual locations so as to maintain anonymity. BuzzBundle allows you to use proxies and mask your actual location. It also allows switching between proxies for smoother operations.

4) Centralized Listing of Brand Mentions

BuzzBundle ensures that all brands mentioned are under one roof. For this reason, you can easily gather results and schedule interaction in every channel. It also helps to easily manage each channel and organize effectively.

BuzzBundle Coupon & Pricing


You can acquire a BuzzBundle from various forms:

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Marketing Hub: Its Free. You can expect Live chat, contact activity, Ad management, reporting dashboards, and conversations inbox.

Professional Package: Costs $199 /Mo per user. This package offers Brand mentions tracking, up to 10 traceable keyword groups, an unlimited number of social media profiles, up to 100 keywords per project, analytics for every project, and unlimited personas and websites among other awesome features.

Enterprise Package: Valued at $399 /Mo per user. It offers all the features in the professional plan, up to 200 keywords per project, up to 20 traceable keyword groups, exportable client reports (HTML and PDF), personalized reports, and white-label reporting among other awesome features.

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Finally, BuzzBundle is the best social media platform where you can appear online 24/7. Business people, small, medium, or even big enterprises can use it to maximize interactions thus succeed in their business. So why are you waiting still? Redeem BuzzBundle Coupon Code immediatelty and enjoy the maximum benefits of this great tool. Have you tried BuzzBundle? How was it? Let us know in the comment section below..