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About Binom

Binom understands how important a tracker is to affiliate marketers as it is what defines your results. Therefore, they have created a user-friendly and convenient interface for saving you time. The tool features fast redirects and group campaign reports among others keeping you ahead of your competitors. Readmore
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Binom Discount Code, Promo Code, Coupon Codes of 2022 $69
  • Tracking
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Binom Discount Code, Promo Code, Coupon Codes of 2022

“Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform for high loads, processing, and analytics. When you talk of report-building speeds and click-processing, Binom is the undisputed leader. It processes high volumes of data at affordable costs. Plus, users have 14-days free trial to try the system. Binom eliminates tracking errors – “


  • Handles millions of clicks every day.
  • Flexible multi-user system
  • Large-scale automated updates
  • Reliable customer response system.


  • Doesn’t detect fraudsters

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Binom Coupon Code – Binom is a self-hosted affiliated marketing tracker that tracks & monitors affiliate campaigns & analytics.

You may be at a loss concerning which tracking platform to trust. With so many options in the market, we want to make the decision easier for you. So try Binom.

What is Binom?


Binom is a tracking platform used by affiliate marketers to build/optimize CPA campaigns, sales reports, revenue, and manage page clicks. Its main work is to increase your profit margins thus making marketing easier for affiliates. Binom seeks to use the information it gathers from tracking your campaigns to optimize the conversion process from click to checkout. Let’s see what Binom can do for you in the feature section below.

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Binom Features

Binom Features

Binom has some great features.

1) Tracking and Analytics

This is one of Binom most invaluable features. Binom has unwavering reporting, and tracking capabilities. With Binom, users can access integrated landing pages and no redirect is required as viewers of your landing page are recorded. Binom ensures high speeds of analytics formation while forming reports. As a result, you can make an analysis of your traffic and conversions in over 30 metrics.

2) Remarkable traffic distribution

Binom offers yet another great feature known as traffic distribution. Traffic Distribution enhances splendid traffic distribution sources. There are many tracking tools available but Binom offers what other trackers cannot offer and also have a considerate price range. After carrying out A/B and MTV-testing, Binom shows it has solid traffic distribution rules enabling by tracking over 20 metrics. This in return will lead to high profits margins in your marketing campaigns.

3) Click Processing and Time

Binom has one of the highest and impressive speeds when it comes to processing each click. No matter the number of clicks on each landing page, Binom can still manage to process each click within 5-30 minutes. Although the processing speed is high, Binom ensures that there is no loss of database.

Binom Coupon & Pricing

Binom Pricing

Binom have the following pricing plans each having 14 day free trial;

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Support Plan: It’s free. You can expect 24/7 support, super-responsiveness, tracker installation, skype, live-chat email, answers within 5 minutes, and server setup among other perks.

Binom License: Costs $99/Mo.  billed monthly or $69/Mo billed annually. This package offers lifetime updates, unlimited clicks, a single server, unlimited domains, and the option for an additional license for $49.

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Binom is the best tracking platform for managing and tracking your affiliate operations while accessing the latest campaigns and landing page information. Are you still in a dilemma as to which tracking tool to use? Redeem Binom Coupon Code immediately and try Binom today and experience success in your affiliate marketing.