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About Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Microsoft's pay per click search advertising solution. They are similar to Google Ads that has more valuable features. Bing Ads are incredibly effective, and they give you a great shot to reach hyper-specific audiences looking for exact terms that you’re targeting. Readmore
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Bing Ads Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ Bing Ads is an advertising platform owned by Microsoft. Bing Ads opens up campaigns to searchers across all Bing, Yahoo, and AOL owned and operated sites, as well as various partner sites. It lets you to connect with customers looking for your business anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can also import your Google Ad campaigns into Microsoft ad network to get your ads live very quickly- “


  • Improved device targeting
  • Shows sitelink extensions
  • Greater transparency
  • High conversion rate & engagement
  • Allows search demographics control


  • Doesn’t support call only ads
  • Bing does not allow you to bid on copyrighted keywords
  • Not flexible at times

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Pay Per Click advertising has become the trend now and its all due to the huge revenue that it provides to the advertisers. Next to Google Ads, Bing Ads have become popular in PPC advertising. Bing Ads have a lot of features that other PPC platforms don’t have. In this review let’s see in detail about Bing Ads. Also, here we offer you $100 Off Bing Ads Coupon which paves a way to save more on your ad spends.

What is Bing Ads?

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Microsoft advertising service that allows you to run pay per click ads on Bing search engines. It helps you to drive in leads with low cost per clicks and high conversion rates. Plus it helps you with its branding campaigns to get your name out there for users to see. It is an ad platform that lets you to maximize your conversions. Bing powers 36.9% of U.S. desktop searches and 13.7 billion monthly searches around the globe, plus connects you with 45.4 million searchers that Google can’t reach. 

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Bing Ads Features

Bing Ads Features

1) New Automated Bidding Strategies

Bing has automated bidding strategies like eCPC, maximize conversions, and target CPA. Bing automatically sets your bids to get you as many conversions as possible. This is an open beta currently available in the U.S.,U.K, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. These bidding strategies will increase the effectiveness of your ad accounts.

2) Multi-image Extensions

In Bing Ads, five images at a time will appear in the order they were uploaded to Bing Ads. Every image can have an independent URL. The images are displayed under certain conditions:

  1. These will appear for mainline ads only.
  2. Multi-Image Extensions can appear with other ad extensions except for Sitelinks and Enhanced Sitelinks.
  3. Multi-Image Extensions are created with the same tool you now use to create Image Extensions.
  4. US and UK English – On Bing owned and operated sites – On PC traffic

3) In-market Audiences for Search

Bing Ads predictive intelligence identifies users who have shown purchase intent signals within a particular category, including searches and clicks on Bing and page views on Microsoft services. These In-market Audiences can help you reach a group of high-quality, potential customers across Microsoft properties and optimize your campaigns accordingly

Bing Ads Coupon Code & Pricing

Bing Ads Pricing

It is a cost effective way for several online customers to find out their preferred products. Bing Ads or Microsoft advertising account creation is completely free. There is no set up costs or maintenance costs available for Microsoft ads. Determining your budget is entirely dependent on you and based on that you will be charged for each click on your ads. 

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Bing advertiser tools help you optimize your ads so that, over time, the value of every dollar you spend is increased by understanding your customers and giving them what they want. Begin by researching how consumers in your industry use the Microsoft Search Network, such as timing of searches, devices used and location. More advanced tools help you discover new keywords, newly popular ones, industry-related keywords and their recent cost per click. Redeem $100 Bing Ads Coupon and enjoy discount on your ad spends.