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About affLIFT

AffLIFT is an affiliate forum dishing out top-notch affiliate marketing information. AffLIFT offers a platform where successful affiliate marketers can teach and learn successful practices, tips, and tricks from the thousands of messages on the forum. Plus affLIFT offers tracking help, campaign optimization, and landing page examples. Readmore
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  • Affiliate Forum
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Case Studies
  • Pricing

affLIFT Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ AffLIFT is an affiliate forum in which thousands of successful affiliate marketers converge to share information and support each other. Additionally, affLIFT offers traffic source guides, campaign case studies, tracking help, and loads of affiliate marketing(36) guides.  Join over 31,000 affiliate marketers and 40,000+ messages on the forum – “


  • Affiliate marketing guides
  • Campaign optimization
  • Oficial Traffic Source Support
  • Learn how to track campaigns
  • Tons of landing page examples


  • Still relatively new to the market
  • A bit pricey

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


affLIFT Coupon Code – Join the successful affiliate marketers community through affLIFT. Buy affLIFT at reduced price today!

Affiliate marketing comes with a cornucopia of moving parts. For this reason, affiliate marketers need all the help they can get to get it all done. And this is precisely why affLIFT exists.

What is affLIFT?


AffLIFT is a platform for affiliate marketers to learn and increase income. It is a resource for affiliate marketers to learn everything about how to run a successful affiliate marketing business. They teach campaign creation, tracking, landing page tricks, and campaign optimization among others. Plus, there is an active forum packed with affiliate marketing giants ready to offer their wisdom on various affiliate marketing aspects.

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affLIFT Features


1) Case Studies

Affiliate marketing involves a lot of learning. No matter what you do there is always something lacking in your CPA campaign. affLIFT periodically publishes case studies. These studies are published by affLIFT experts who have had successful campaigns of their own. In those case studies, you will get information that only a guru could provide.

2) Guides for Affiliate Matters

It is quite obvious that the affiliate word is big. As stated earlier there is always learning taking place all the time and a person cannot stop gathering tips on how to grow.

affLIFT provides you with guides for everything that is related to affiliate marketing. This guides touch on topics such; campaign optimization and tools to boost your traffic source.

3) Follow Along Campaigns

This superb feature contains instructions on what to do and what you shouldn’t in your campaigns.

You can easily gather a lot of information about other CPA gurus and have details of their latest work. With this information, it will not be hard to succeed in affiliate campaigns.

4) Landing Pages

Landing pages mostly don’t succeed in gathering traffic but when done right, they can be wildly successful. If you need to design successful landing pages you need affLIFT. In fact, aAffLIFT offers numerous examples of how to create enticing landing pages. It doesn’t matter if you lack coding skills because affLIFT provides premium page generators that will create an impeccable landing page for your website.

affLIFT Coupon & Pricing

affLIFT Pricing

Here are affLIFT’s subscription packages. Before looking into it, calim affLIFT Coupon Code – use ACAFFLIFT only here! 

Monthly Subscription: With $20 a month, you gain access to affiliate guides, follow alongs, case studies, and beginner’s courses.

Lifetime Membership: You pay only $350 once for this. Afterward, you have access to affiliate guides, follow alongs, case studies, and beginner’s courses.

Six Months Subscription: If you want to learn for a short while this is ideal for you. For $100, you get two months free, affiliate guides, follow alongs, case studies, and beginner’s course.

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Becoming a successful affiliate requires intensive studying of the market and other factors. affLIFT cuts it down for you by providing case studies that help you learn in the easiest way. Also, you can monitor campaigns of other affiliates since they post their progress. So no doubt, with affLIFT you will be definitely benefited. It helps you grow your business better. Redeem affLIFT Coupon Code now! What’s your experience with affLIFT? Please let us know in the comment section below.