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About Adsbridge

If you are looking for a highly accurate mechanism of detecting traffic as well as fraudsters, you can never go wrong with Adsbridge. Adsbridge offers a complex data analysis tool that effectively excludes fraud and saves your advertising budget. Save time and money on gigantic traffic optimization. Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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Adsbridge Coupon Code, Discount Code, Promo Code for 2022 $89
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Adsbridge Coupon Code, Discount Code, Promo Code for 2022

“Adsbridge is a single affiliate marketing program that manages and optimizes all your ad campaigns.  It launches winning ad campaigns in a few minutes and helps you to maximize your revenue through Adsbridge groundbreaking tracking technology. Monetize your traffic and track ad costs across different channels with Adsbridge – “


  • Fast and reliable
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Highly accurate security mechanism
  • Enables you to stay in control of your traffic
  • Offers free trial


  • Complicated user-interface.
  • Limited payment systems

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdsBridge Coupon – AdsBridge is a top affiliate software to track, manage, analyze, optimize & monetize your ad campaigns.

Digital marketers have to constantly track every aspect of their ad campaigns to determine the best way to optimize for better conversions. Manual tracking is exhausting and ultimately pointless because you are bound to miss something. Therefore, a good tracking tool is crucial. AdsBridge is one of the best and here is why.

What is AdsBridge?


AdsBridge is a powerful affiliate tracking software. It helps you to launch winning ad campaigns in minutes and maximize your revenue by using AdBridge’s ground-breaking tracking technology. AdBridge manages your ad campaigns by collecting vast volumes of rich click-forward data and stay in control of your traffic. Further, it analyses your ad campaign by creating and customizing multivariate performance reports in real time. That’s not all. AdBridge also optimizes and elevates the performance of your marketing campaigns with a secure and flexible Saas platform. Lastly, AdBridge protects your monetization process by raising highly accurate mechanism of fraud traffic detection with a complex data analysis.

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AdsBridge Features

AdsBridge Features

AdsBridge has many different features.

1) Organic Traffic Tracking

This is a very important feature of AdsBridge especially when it comes to tracking such traffic sources as Facebook, and Google. These traffic sources usually prohibit redirects usage so, with AdsBridge, you don’t have to stress about it since AdsBridge will provide this crucial information. You will achieve this without going against the set-aside traffic source rules. AdsBridge is the only tracking software to offer this feature.

2) Multiple offers and Landing Creation

AdsBridge is one of the tracker systems that offers the creation of multiple landing pages by use of CSV files. This, in turn, helps to save your time for batch operations.

Speaking of Landing Pages, AdBridge comes with a Landing Page builder. Not all tracking software have an in-built landing page builder which means you’d have to purchase a third-party landing page (one-page website), builder.

3) Automatic Conversion Caps and Flows

Almost every tracker has a daily conversion cap. The conversion cap helps to create daily limits without any traffic loss. Your traffic is then redirected to a forwarding offer which automatically set conversion software. Having flow in your app will help to target multiple campaigns while simultaneously optimizing them.

4) Bot Filtering

AdsBridge has a lot of feature but affiliate marketers are mostly attracted by this feature than any other. Bot traffic is not convertible and will also cut down advertisement budget thus not worth paying for. This feature helps to save your money, set redirect rules, and filter traffic to a specific URL.

AdsBridge Coupon & Pricing


AdsBridge has four pricing plans of which each has a 14-day free trial. Save more with AdsBridge Coupon CodeACADSBRIDGE today!

The pricing plans are explained below;

Starter Plan: Costs $29/Mo or $299/Year. This package offers 100,000 visits per month, $0.07 overcharge for 1k visits, and Free clicks and conversions.

Professional Plan: Charges $89/Mo or $899/Year. You can expect 1,000,000 visits/Mo, $0.04 over the limit for 1k visits, Free clicks, and conversions, Unlimited custom domains, Personal account manager, and Unlimited in-build landing page editor among other awesome features.

Advanced Plan: Valued at $199/Mo or $2029/Year. This package includes 4,000,000 visits/Mo, $0.038 over limit 1k visits, and all the professional plan features.

Business Plan: Priced at $379/Mo or $3669/Year. You will be entitled to 10 million visits per month, $0.036 over limit 1k visits, and all features from the Advanced plan.

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Finally, AdsBridge is the best affiliate tracking software we have come across. Have you used AdsBridge? If not, don’t delay. Redeem AdsBridge Coupon Code immediately to avail benefits. What was your experience? Please share in the comment section below.