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About AdPlexity Native

Adplexity native is purposed for Native Ads, with this native spy tool you can view and utilize the top 9 most successful Native Ad Traffic Sources. Covering over 32 countries including major ones you can apply filters to this tool to only see Ads promoting affiliate offers. Readmore
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  • Search and Filter
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AdPlexity Native 30% Lifetime Discount Coupon

“Adplexity native lets you pull up comprehensive data on the most successful native advertising campaigns. You can view and utilize data from 9 of the most popular native traffic sources covering just about every device. Its advanced search tools gives more control with filters for Keywords, and publisher- “


  • Powerful but easy to use interface.
  • All landing pages can be downloaded with 1 click
  • Data can be accessed from all major devices
  • Larger range of information than other ad spying tools
  • Brilliant search and filter capabilities


  • Price point is a bit high compared to most competitors
  • Not beginner friendly

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdPlexity Native Coupon Code – Track and analyse your competitor’s profitable native ad campaigns!

Native Ads have proven to be more effective in reaching audiences. This is why Native Ad tools are growing in popularity every waking day. If you want to get in on Native Ads and are wondering what tool to choose, try AdPlexity Native now.

What is Adplexity Native?

AdPlexity Native

Adplexity Native is a Native Ad tool designed to help you view and utilize the most successful Ad traffic sources. You can easily keep track of Competitors’ Ad traffic sources and most profitable ad campaigns from 100 affiliate networks with a single click using this tool. Thus it is a tool that allows you to quickly find successful Ad campaigns from your competitors.

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AdPlexity Native Features


Adplexity Native entails several features, and are primarily categorized as below.

1) Search and Filters Tools

Search for resourceful campaign ads easily using AdPlexity Native’s powerful search and filter tool. AdPlexity Native allows you to use keywords to find the best Landing pages to mimic. In addition to keywords, you can also search and filter campaign ads via the advertiser and publisher. At the same time, you can also see campaigns that are promoting offers within your affiliate network and so much more.

2) User Interface

AdPlexity Native offers a powerful easy to use interface for its users. You can find all competitive ads run by affiliate advertisers with just a single click. An Ad trend feature also makes it easier for you to know how long a  particular campaign is running and the specific part of the week it performs best. Also, you can easily download all the landing pages on Adpexity Native with a single click plus the desired page dependencies.

3) Device Integration

Adplexity Native is compatible with almost all major devices. In addition to all these fantastic features, you can access all the ads targeting all popular devices like widows PC, MAC, iPhone Android or, tablets. This feature allows you to know the devices in which the campaign is working best and at what specific time of the week it gains popularity.

Adplexity Native Coupon & Pricing

Adplexity Native Pricing

Adplexity Native allows you to access native ads from all major browsers and devices at a flat monthly rate of $249 a month for a single user. However, if you want to pay annually, you will afford yourself a 17% discount which means you get to pay $2490 a year.

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Finally, Adplexity Native is a great tool that helps you find successful ads and campaigns easily and fast. If you need an excellent tool, all you need to do is grab Adplexity Native Coupon Code now and make the most out of this tool. Also get regularly updated insights and keep launching successful campaigns. Have you tried Adplexity Native? Tell us about your overview of this tool we would like to hear your sentiments.