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About AdPlexity Ecommerce

It is only with AdPlexity E-Commerce that you will be able to how strong a particular product is in the market. The greater the strength of the product, the more successful and popular it is. With AdPlexity E-Commerce, finding profitable products is just a few clicks away. Readmore
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  • Product Analysis
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AdPlexity Ecommerce Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“AdPlexity E-Commerce is the best e-commerce competitive intelligence tool that gives you information from real buyers. For this reason, it is the only tool that will be able to give you reliable information about real time hottest trending products. With AdPlexity E-Commerce, you understand the real market better – “


  • 17% discount on annual subscription
  • Alerts you on latest launched products
  • Great customer care relationship
  • The only program that gives you the historical price changes of a product.
  • Based on data provided by real buyers/visitors, you are able to uncover the best selling products.


  • Quite complicated for first-time users
  • With a monthly fee of $199, it can prove expensive for small enterprises.

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdPlexity Ecommerce Coupon – Keep track of all your successful competitors’ best and profitable ecommerce products!

Do you want to boost your profits in your eCommerce store that you are running? AdPlexity eCommerce will help you achieve your dreams. It will help you get ahead of your competitors by spying profitable products ahead of your competitors. It will help you discover products that have high sales and ROI and bring them to the market.

What Is AdPlexity Ecommerce?

AdPlexity Ecommerce

AdPlexity eCommerce is a marketing tool that spys successful products in the market that are making your competitors succeed. It analyses the current market trends thus ensuring your eCommerce business is on right track. This tool will also help you find hot selling products fast and in an easy way.

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AdPlexity ECommerce Features

AdPlexity ECommerce Features

AdPlexity eCommerce has several key features which makes it one of the best spying tool as listed below:

1) Store Information

AdPlexity eCommerce helps the marketer to get access to store information from various places. This information will the number of your competitors’ launched products and its frequency. The store information will also give store categories and average prices in the market along other things. All these will help boost your business and become competitive.

2) Store Strength

AdPlexity eCommerce spying will also help you to find the strength of the stores that are becoming successful. You will get to know the buyers and visitors that are making them make more revenue. The information you get will help you put more effort or use them to make it better on your side.

3) App in the Store

AdPlexity eCommerce will help you to see the revenue boosting secret being used in other successful markets. You will also get to know the following from the app;

  • Stores with average pricing
  • Products with strength
  • Historical price change graph of products
  • Products with specific category

AdPlexity ECommerce Coupon & Pricing

AdPlexity ECommerce Pricing

AdPlexity eCommerce offers a regular price of $199/Mo. A discount of 25% is offered after first 48 launch hours as to pay $149. The payment helps you to get the following;

  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • 100,000 plus stores
  • More than 70,000 products
  • Access real time data on top trending products
  • See historical pricing changes of products
  • Uncover revenue boosting apps used by shops

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AdPlexity is the best platform that can help marketers to know the product popularity by how it is viewed, purchased and advertised. Hence it became the most popular tracking tool in the market. So what are you still looking for? Grab AdPlexity Ecommerce  Coupon Code immediately and enjoy price reductions on this amazing tool. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.