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About AdPlexity Adult

AdPlexity Adult is a spy tool used to keep an eye on all the successful ad campaigns running on adult traffic sources. If your competitors are making a killing on adult popup traffic sources. AdPlexity Adult will let you know which products, landers, and URLs were used. Readmore
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  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics
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Adplexity Adult 35% Off Lifetime Discount Coupon Code $199
  • Search and Filter
  • Campaign Optimization
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Adplexity Adult 35% Off Lifetime Discount

“ AdPlexity Adult keeps track of all your competitors’ most successful Ad campaigns running on Adult Traffic Sources. You can find all the Ad campaigns targeting all devices, desktop and mobile included. Adplexity Adult offers real-time insights on campaigns running on adults ad exchanges and adult popup traffic sources – “


  • Massive e-commerce database of estores and products
  • Take advantage of top-secret carrier-specific Ads
  • Ads cover 75 countries including all the major ones
  • You can download all your competitor’s landing pages, creatives, and so on.
  • Powerful Search and Filter tool


  • Price point is high
  • No free trial

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdPlexity Adult Coupon – Keep track on your competitors’ adult ad campaigns and check the best performing ads with their strategies!

With the increase in online businesses, as a marketer you should know the amount of campaign ads you are running. Competition has also increased in online market and the industry is facing a lot of problems with advertising campaigns. The best tool to use is AdPlexity Adult. It will offer unique strategies for your business.

What is AdPlexity Adult?

AdPlexity Adult

AdPlexity Adult is an online marketing tool helping you track marketing campaigns and know the latest trends in the market. It will help you to know what your competitors are following and know the line your business is going to take. With this you will not be required to spend your time and time doing manual researches.

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AdPlexity Adult Features

AdPlexity Adult Features

AdPlexity has some features which make it the best option for its users as listed below:

1) Multiple data

AdPlexity Adult is a tool that helps you find top data from different adult campaigns. The data will be provided can be analyzed from 70 different countries and more than 120 carriers. This will help your business a great deal as you will be able to learn what your competitors are doing to be successful.

2) Easy Set-Up

AdPlexity provides an easily understandable way to set up the tool and has no risks. This will provide the best spy tool on search banners like TrafficFactory, Report, expansion, and JuicyAds among others. After the setup, you will be able to see the campaign being targeted on popular devices like Windows PC, iPhone, and Android Phones as well as Mac. You will also find affiliate ads with a single click.

3) Carrier Spying Features

AdPlexity Adult provides the best ever spy tool. Although some users find the price a bit high, the feature it provides makes it worth the cost. It helps the user to see all the Ads carrying affiliate offers and adult ad exchange. You will also know your competitors landing pages when you apply this tool in your business.

AdPlexity Adult Coupon & Pricing

AdPlexity Pricing

AdPlexity provides one form of subscription which also offers 2 months for free.

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Monthly Billing $199/Mo per User

  • Data from all major devices
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Chat and email support
  • Display web ads data
  • Download all landing pages with one click.

When pay annual subscription you get an offer as to pay $1990. At times it also offer a coupon and pay $149/Mo.

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AdPlexity is one of the best tool for marketers who want to spy their competitors and surpass them. Have you tried this tool? If not redeem AdPlexity Adult Coupon Code now and avail benefits. Give your try now and its experience is the best.