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About ADPatrol

Adpatrol is a Facebook ad intelligence tool that offers a wide range database. Take your pick of the most important and copy details, including redirects, landing pages and all outgoing URLs, days running, engagement reach and week trends. Get access to 50,000 NEW ads every single day. Readmore
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ADPatrol Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Codes of 2022 $299
  • Database of Facebook Ads
  • Search and Filter
  • Statistics and Insights
  • User Interface
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“Adpatrol is the latest Facebook ads intelligence tool in the market. With over 15M Facebook Ads campaigns, it gives a database bigger than any Facebook intelligence tool, capable of uncovering the hottest e-commerce products and give insights of the best affiliate campaigns in over 100 countries plus more.- “


  • Adpatrol uses advanced filtering option which saves time
  • Wide range information over 15M Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Easily downloads landing pages
  • Pricing is simple and direct with no hidden fees


  • Price point is high  compared to similar competitor tool

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdPatrol Coupon Code – Access the fast growing Facebook ads database, spy on the best ads & start increasing ROI via AdPatrol. 

Saving time on ad searching and creation allows the online marketer to focus on analysis matters, optimization, and execution of their campaigns. You need a tool that saves time on the repetitive tasks of running a digital business and lets you focus on the more complex matters. Introducing Adpatrol.

What is AdPatrol?


Adpatrol is one of the latest Facebook ads intelligence tools on the market and provides a more prominent database that any other Facebook intelligence tools. Adpatrol is one of the tools that have grown and revolutionized the way of doing online marketing over the years. It’s a fantastic platform, friendly, and straightforward for marketing affiliates. Also, Adpatrol has a differential factor in the reduction of research time.

You will have more than 5000 ads at your disposal daily and unlimited access to ad banks with information from more than 100 countries. AdPatrol’s database is the largest you will find in the market, and their Facebook ads database grows daily. Adpatrol experience provides you new digital marketing ideas regularly.

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AdPatrol Features

AdPatrol Features

It is always important to review the main features that AdPatrol provides on purchase. Below is a tour of what we are going to get when using AdPatrol

1) Search Filters

In the filter search engine, you can find the different options that AdPatrol gives you to search through in the database. The Search Filter feature allows you to search for ads through data types, dates, search through keywords, advertiser, and publisher names. Also, you can also sort by names, comments, likes, and longest-running ads. You get to save a lot of time and money with the search filters and focus on analysis.

2) Download Landing Pages

With thousands of ads available, AdPatrol gives you a feature that allows you to download the landing pages quickly and get access to them later. You can easily download landing pages with just a single click, which saves you time and money. You also get to see landing page info and sort landing pages depending on the criteria you want.

3) Graphic Analytics

See graphs and charts of the best performing ads and the specific time frames in which certain ads do well. With these features, you get a proper analysis in form of pie charts graphs, etc., thus helping you to makes analysis quickly and more conveniently without having to do one by one review, which would be quite time-consuming.

4) Convenience Of Use

Adpatrol has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use and understand. You get proper analysis in the form of graphics, which saves you time and money and allows you to grasp details without having to dig into too many details.

AdPatrol Coupon & Pricing

AdPatrol Pricing

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AdPatrol gives you simple straight forward pricing and allows you to get access and fully maximize all the available resources. For $299 per month, you get unlimited access to 25mb of Facebook ads campaigns and discover the trends of e-commerce products.

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Affiliate marketing and e-commerce are quite competitive fields. If you want to succeed, you need to know what is working for your competitors. If you are not on-trend and keeping up with your competitors’ pace, you can’t get a good profit. Rather than creating landings from scratch and speculations, you can use AdPatrol to gain crucial insights on what is succeeding at the moment and from there to learn from the competition and create ad campaigns based on concrete results. So don’t wait anymore. Redeem AdPatrol Coupon Code immediately to enjoy its features by saving a lot. Have you used AdPatrol before? What was your experience?