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About AdOperator

AdOperator is a Push Ad Platform and a self-serve DSP for advertisers and affiliate marketers. With AdOperator, you will gain user activity, build new audiences, and increase conversions across your Mobile and Desktop customers. AdOperator has over 100 million impressions daily with the majority from Android users. Readmore
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  • Quality of Traffic
  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support
  • Optimization and Targeting

AdOperator Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code 2022

“ AdOperator is an Ad network which provides a convenient self-serve DSP for advertisers and affiliate marketers alike to purchase Web Push traffic from any Geo. AdOperator promises a huge subscriber database, advanced targeting with optimized campaigns, straight-forward pricing with no hidden fees, and an all-accepting community of advertisers – “


  • Premium mainstream traffic
  • Brilliant customer support
  • Great referral program (10% lifetime)
  • Intricate traffic quality control including forensic


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdOperator Coupon Code – Deposit Bonus $250 and Get $55 for AdOperator Today!

How do online marketers and advertisers run their websites smoothly without any major issues? Most of them find online tools that will help them to get a step further. Among all the tools, AdOperator stands out as the best. AdOperator is a push ad platform that provides self-serve DSP for advertisers and marketers. Let’s see about it in detail below.

What is AdOperator?


AdOperator is a push ad platform with a newly integrated network and trusted partner. AdOperator proves the profitability of push ads to its users. The platforms provide high-quality traffic with allowed verticals. They also increase brand awareness and reduce cost. So no doubt it is an amazing platform.

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AdOperator Features


AdOperator has great features. The important ones are listed below:

1) User-friendly Interface

AdOperator’s unique interface enables you to navigate and simplify your research. Hence, it gives you a lower probability of bounce and a higher conversion rate. It is also easy to use which saves you time and effort spent in learning to use the interface.

2) s2s Conversion Tracking

This feature provides greater accuracy when a user clicks a tracking link, and as a result a unique click ID is generated. With this, the user is able to track transactions back to the specific affiliates. The unique ID reduces affiliate fraud and therefore you get improved security. 

3) Support

AdOperator has a 24/7 support team that is friendly and easy to access. Furthermore, the support team is a live communication with no bots in their system. In addition, AdOperator also has a quick registration process with simple instructions on their website. So it is easy to get access.

4) High Quality Traffic

AdOperator identifies and tracks incoming traffic from specific sources to determine the real ROI of a marketing campaign. So you can monitor specific traffic sources to eliminate the need to blindly explore new traffic opportunities. Also, you get the ability to identify algorithm changes by breaking down their traffic according to the traffic source.

AdOperator Coupon & Pricing

AdOperator Pricing

AdOperator does not provide any information concerning its pricing plans.

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Thus AdOperator is a fast-growing advertising platform with a lot of momentum. The company focuses its efforts on providing converting traffic, improving brand awareness and reducing costs. It has received a lot of praise from its users and I recommend it to other marketers and advertisers. Deposit Bonus $250 and Get $55 for AdOperator Today!  AdOperator Coupon Code – Hurry! Make use of Deposit Bonus $250 and Get $55 at the earliest. Have you tried AdOperator? If not, try it now and share your experiences with us.