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About ActiveRevenue

ActiveRevenue is a leading self-serve demand-side platform (DSP). ActiveRevenue allows advertisers to utilize Programmatic advertisement by simplifying the campaign process. Ultimately, you will place your Ads directly in front of the target audience with minimal effort and boost conversion rates considerably and increase the company profits trifold. Readmore
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ActiveRevenue Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ ActiveRevenue offers self-serve, demand-side advertising to advertisers who need to access high-performing Ad units, competitive pricing, granular targeting, and multiple optimization capabilities. ActiveRevenue primarily works with DSP Ad formats including push notifications, popunder ads for Desktop and Mobile devices, and zero-click traffic for when users make URL mistypes – “


  • Convenient and intuitive user interface
  • Great insights into traffic analysis and optimization
  • Top-notch traffic
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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


ActiveRevenue Coupon Code – Get access to the global Self-serve DSP ad network and start growing your conversions!

Running a website can be challenging especially if you need a way to get the best ads, good pricing, etc. Luckily, there are many websites in the market today that offer those services at reasonable prices. A good example is ActiveRevenue which is an advertising platform that has impressed many advertisers. Because of this, the tool has a great reach among top advertizers. So let’s see in detail about this great ad platform.

What is ActiveRevenue?


ActiveRevenue is a self-serve demand side advertising platform which allows you to access high performing ad units. Apart from that, you can also get granular targeting, competitive pricing and multiple optimization capabilities. Using these, they identify your target audience and how much you are willing to spend on ads. Hence it becomes simple to manage your ad campaigns and obviously everything related to an ad network is made easy with ActiveRevenue.

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So what are its features? Let’s see below.

ActiveRevenue Features

ActiveRevenue Features

As we see, ActiveRevenue has a bunch of interesting features which are as follows:

1) Wide Range of Ad Formats

ActiveRevenue offers ads in push notification format which provides convenience and high value traffic to mobile advertisers. They also offer pop-under ads which delivers good results for advertisers seeking the lowest price for a specific quantity of the targeted audience. The Domain Redirect ads/Zero-Click traffic redirects the user to your landing page when there is a URL mistype. Thus it offers a wide range of ad formats.

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2) Targeting Capabilities

They have targeting capabilities like Geo-Targeting, and Interest Targeting. Their DSP geo-targeting features allow you to reach people by their specific locations. The next comes Interest Targeting which targets people based on their interests. This ensures that your campaign reaches the people who will use it.

The Browser Targeting allows you to choose from a wide range of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. They also have Carriers Targeting that enables you to choose from a comprehensive list of carriers. Device Targeting allows you to reach people via any device. Among these, the company has other targeting methods like:

  1. OS Targeting
  2. Keywords Targeting
  3. Frequency and Budget Caps Targeting

3) Campaign Optimization

Optimization is the detailed analysis of the campaign targeting elements that improves your performance. You can configure a campaign the way your traffic brings the highest ROI. Also you’ll get a publisher ID which is an essential source of defragmentation that helps you to get accurate traffic. Thus Campaign optimization is made very simple.

ActiveRevenue Coupon & Pricing

Active Revenue does not reveal its specific pricing plans but it reveals a minimum spend of $1-$500. You can still save more with ActiveRevenue Coupon Code!

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Thus ActiveRevenue is one of the best advertising platforms in the market today. It leads among the others with its excellent tools and efficient operation. ActiveRevenue has eased the operations of many advertisers and are willing to go the extra mile for your satisfaction. So why are you still waiting? Have you tried ActiveRevenue? If not, redeem ActiveRevenue Coupon Code immediately and avail benefits. Try it and give your comments as we’d love to know your experience.