Vajro Review - iOS Shopify App

Looking for the best iOS Shopify app to increase your eCommerce sales? Then you’re in the right place. This article is completely about Vajro, an iOS Shopify app builder that gives your consumers a beautiful mobile shopping experience with a smartphone app that represents your brand.

Nowadays, mobile apps have become the main source of conversions for generating revenues. Therefore, having a Shopify mobile app for your store is a must if you want to get a competitive edge in this e-shopping competition.

Shopify mobile app builder is a ready-made solution to help you turn your Shopify store into a native iOS mobile app without any coding and design expertise. 

By utilizing such a platform, your store can deliver an excellent shopping experience for customers and generate more sales with a pre-built mobile app solution. 

But wait!


Why does your Shopify store need an app?

You know, about 78% of the traffic of online shopping is from mobile & about 68% of all payments are made via mobile devices. So people are not going back to the desktop to buy after looking on mobile. They’re actually buying and of course, the store website that’s gonna be optimized for the web but the store app is gonna be optimized for the exact mobile device.

When you go mobile, the resulting impact can be massive. The real reason why you need a mobile app for your Shopify store is that you could see a 

  • 3x increase in revenue
  • 60% increase in customer retention
  • 50% increase in conversion rate
  • Increased store traffic
  • Higher engagement levels
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Massive ROI compared to other platforms

So how do you get those kinds of results? How do you double your revenue? How do you get 3x conversions? Well, the way you do it is with the Vajro iOS Shopify app.


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What is Vajro?


Vajro - iOS Shopify App Builder


Vajro is one of the best Shopify mobile app builders for both Android & iOS. It is the way that big Shopify stores are turning their stores into apps and growing their business significantly. 

If you own a Shopify store, you absolutely want to pay attention to this. Let’s see how you can grow your Shopify business by creating a mobile app for an actual iPhone or iPad or Android app. 

Vajro allows you to create an iOS and android app for your Shopify store. You don’t need any type of coding experience or you don’t need to hire a developer. It’s incredibly easy for you to get your app up & running in 60 minutes and your native app could be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


Book A Demo With Vajro


Vajro - Book A Demo Now


One of the best parts about Vajro right you can jump in is the 60-day free trial. With this you can totally understand how powerful Vajro is without even paying for it.

You can even book a demo with Vajro today to get in touch with the expert Vajro team to get to know how this amazing mobile app development platform works. With that, you’ll get an overall idea about Vajro and its astonishing features. 



Why use Vajro, the best iOS Shopify App?

  • Vajro accelerates sales & you’re gonna be getting more mobile impressions, more traffic, and more sessions with your app and with your brand. 
  • Easy app building in under 60 minutes.
  • It increases sales and converts four times as many customers
  • Offers live videos to gain higher engagement
  • Displays all the analytics of your store’s performance.

Vajro Features

Vajro comes with features like live selling, push alerts, and automation. that significantly convert at a high level.

It has assisted over 2000+ Shopify merchants in increasing sales by providing a world-class mobile purchasing experience. In this way, Vajro functions very similarly to a Shopify for increasing sales.

The Vajro mobile app has various marketing features that will help your app’s sales. Deep linking, social network ad integration, live video sale, reorder capabilities, and product suggestions are just a few examples.

You get your native apps for both the biggest mobile platforms namely Android & iOS. Let’s take a look at Vajro’s unique features in detail below.


Amazing Push Notifications


Vajro - iOS Shopify App Push Notifications


The push notifications are going to make you money 100%. With Vajro’s push notifications you’ll watch your conversions soar with smart, personalized multimedia push notifications including images, videos, and gifs.

Vajro minimizes cart abandonments and recaptures your customers with abandoned cart push notifications. Other examples could include making flash sales, making announcements for a new product, announcing a sale, or announcing marketing campaigns that literally pop up right on the users’ phones. So it’s incredibly powerful.


Game-Changing Live Video Sales


Vajro - iOS Shopify App Live Selling


Live video sales are the hottest and the most engaging sales option today. With Vajro, customers can shop on live video sales that you stream right from your mobile app. No other platforms are needed.

This feature allows you to showcase your products live and allow them to be purchased directly through the app. It is super engaging as well. This groundbreaking functionality is sure to be a game changer for your mobile conversions. Thus with Vajro, promoting your products via video sales is hassle-free. 




App Control At Your Fingertips


Vajro - Drag & Drop Options


Forget about coding and the hassle of getting in touch with your developer. Total control is right at your fingertips and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. With Vajro, you’ll be able to grab your customers’ attention with a customized, feature-rich app that looks exactly how you envision it.


Advanced Analytics 

You can understand your customers better with Vajro’s dashboard metrics. They say knowing your numbers is knowing your business. Vajro lets you be fully informed of the analytics and valuable data points. You’ll be able to take actionable decisions off of those data points and thus Vajro helps you grow your business.


Let Your Customers Search By Image   

With enhanced image search, shoppers can simply snap a picture of a product they love and the app will do the rest. Not only it is useful but also super cool and engaging for your users.


AI Personal Shopper  

This feature of Vajro suggests products based on user behaviors and history from their very own AI personal shopper. This accelerates your sales with smart product recommendations that give a truly personalized shopping experience to your customers. So start using this intuitive app.


Unlimited Customizations


Vajro Unlimited Customization


Vajro offers a lot of customization options including well-designed customizable themes, on-brand personalization, intuitive widgets, real-time preview, custom fonts, webview options, etc. Their unlimited themes suit whatever industry or business you’re in.

Vajro Pricing – iOS Shopify App


iOS Shopify App - Vajro Pricing


Vajro, the best iOS Shopify app offers four different pricing plans. Once you sign up, you have 60 days to build, publish, and promote your app. You can select a plan of your choice depending on your requirements. The plans are as follows:

Startup Plan – It costs $99/mo and is ideal for new businesses. Features include Native android and ios app, 30 Push Notifications, Native Checkout, App Install Widget, Customer App Analytics, Product Review Integrations and Multiple Themes.

Growth Plan – Costs $199/mo and is suitable for small businesses. The plan offers the following features such as Live Video, Unlimited Push Notifications, Live Instagram Feed, Google & Facebook Ad Integrations, Product Recommendation, Apple Pay Integration and Advanced Themes.

Power Premium Plan – This plan is ideal for growing businesses and it costs $399/mo. Features include Multi-Currency & Language, Advanced Push Notifications, Abandoned Cart Campaigns, Advanced Analytics, AI Product Recommendation, Premium Integration and Priority Support.

Plus Plan – This plan is ideal for enterprises and the price is customizable. You can contact the Vajro team & get your price details. Features include Custom Landing Pages, Monthly Success Calls, Dedicated Success Manager, Appsflyer Integration and Algolia Integration.

So, if you feel you need additional features, you can upgrade anytime you want. And, if you feel your current plan is not the right fit, you can downgrade. No questions asked.


Vajro Logo25% OFF
25% OFF on Growth and Power Premium, valid until Aug 31
3X your conversions using Vajro. Get 25% OFF on Vajro's Growth and Power Premium Plans, valid till 31 August 2022. Hurry up! Limited time discount.



No doubt, Vajro is an incredible and proven way to grow your business. Creating a native mobile app for iPhones and Android phones is a direct route to significantly increasing your revenue and conversions, building your brand, and maximizing customer engagement. Also, stores that use Vajro have seen some amazing business-changing results.

So, it’s time to switch over to Vajro. Book a demo now or download Vajro from the Shopify app store to explore this amazing platform.