surfer seo review

You can now make SEO easier and quicker than ever before. For this, you need real-time and data-driven writing guidelines to stay ahead of your competitors. Our Surfer SEO review will give you an idea of speeding up your on-page optimization.

In order to attract traffic to your webpage, blog, online store or a social media site, you need data-driven SEO techniques.

Do you want to analyze your competitors before creating an article or web page content? You now have SEO Surfer to perform competitor analysis and optimize content for your website.

Instead of guessing what the audience wants, what Google wants to see on your web page, make use of this effective and easy-to-use on-page optimization tool.

Review of Surfer SEO

SEO Surfer offers data-driven analysis of keywords, meta tags, structural elements, and images.

The depth and quality of analysis and insights Surfer provide are far greater than other tools in the market.

In this Surfer SEO review, we’ll discuss the key features of Surfer and how effectively the Surfer SEO tool can automate competitor analysis, content editing, and keyword research. Also, we’ll discuss the benefits, importance and pricing plans offered by Surfer.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an online platform for organizations that want to enhance their online presence through effective SEO strategies. With minimal effort, companies will be able to improve SEO effort quickly and thoroughly.

Furthermore, you can effectively compare your web pages against competitors pages that are currently ranked high. SEO Surfer lets you know what exactly your web page is lacking when compared to your competitors.

Surfer SEO Review
Surfer SEO Review
Surfer SEO Outside Links
Surfer SEO Outside Links
Exclude all pages

To analyze only a few of those websites from the search results, you can use exclude all pages. After that, use the eye icon to select the website you want to include in the graph for analysis.

Surfer SEO Include All
Surfer SEO Include All
Export all data from the graph

To export all data from the graph into a CSV file, use Export all.

Surfer SEO Export All
Surfer SEO Export All
Export selected data from the Graph

From the left navigation pane, select the factors you want to explore. For instance, partial keywords, words and exact keywords from the Structure. Only those selected data will be exported.

Surfer SEO Export Selected Data
Surfer SEO Export Selected Data
How to improve rankings for your URL through Surfer?

Increase your SERP ranking to increase traffic to your webpage. This can be easily achieved with the help of a tool like Surfer SEO. Let’s examine how Surfer can help you optimize your content:

  1. First and foremost, Surfer can help you audit your website against your competitors. What took you years to bring your web page on top, will now be easier with Surfer.
  2. Secondly, use the insights of the top-performing websites to rank your page better.
  3. Finally, enter the URL of your website and click compare to view the result.
Surfer SEO Audit
Surfer SEO Audit

To perform Surfer Audit for the URL:

Click Audit against one of the top-websites listed. The Surfer Audit details are displayed.

Surfer SEO Audit Report
Surfer SEO Audit Report

The Surfer Audit pop-up page displays the following details:

Errors and warnings
  • The number of Surfer identified errors and warnings for the selected page if any are displayed.
Missing common backlinks
  • This provides the review of links and the common backlinks that are linked to competitors.
Surfer SEO Missing Links
Surfer SEO Missing Links
True Density
  • This reviews the number of vital terms and provides suggestions to add terms.
Surfer SEO True Density
Surfer SEO True Density
  • This displays the number of words in the body, paragraphs, and title.
Surfer SEO Words
Surfer SEO Words
Exact Keywords
  • The number of exact keywords in the body is indicated in this section. Also, it gives the number of exact keywords to use in the body. Say, for instance, 1-3 exact keywords.
Surfer SEO Exact Keywords
Surfer SEO Exact Keywords
Partial Keywords
  • This section displays the number of partial keywords per 100 words.
Surfer SEO Partial Keywords
Surfer SEO Partial Keywords
The number of elements
  • The number of structural elements for the page is indicated in this section.
Surfer SEO Elements
Surfer SEO Elements
  • The character section shows the number of characters in the web page title and the meta description. You can view the graphic representation of characters by clicking the Show details button.
Surfer SEO Characters
Surfer SEO Characters
Time to first byte
  • This reveals the waiting time for the initial response. Click the Show details button to view the optimal range and where you stand among your competitors.
Surfer SEO First Byte
Surfer SEO First Byte
Load time
  • This indicates the time taken to load the page. Click the Show details button to view the graph showing where you stand with your competitors.
Surfer SEO Load Time
Surfer SEO Load Time

Now, you can optimize your content with the help of True Density. True Density lists the vital phrases you should include in your content. The suggested presented gives the action item for each of the terms listed.

Optimize your content with True Density within a few minutes. It will tell exactly how many of the important terms require your attention.

Left Navigation Pane on SERP Analyzer Main View

The left navigation displays the various options to analyze the SERP details. You can select factors on this sidebar to view the details on the graph.

Surfer SEO Search Visibility
Surfer SEO Search Visibility

The various factors under this filter include:

  • Search Visibility: This includes a filter for the Number of referring domains and the number of referring URLs for the selected number of keywords and traffic.
  • Backlinks: This includes a filter for the Number of referring domains and the Number of referring URLs for the selected referring domains and URL.
  • Structure: This includes filter options for body, title, para, strong, descriptions, images and links.
  • Quality: The quality filter includes options for HTML size, load time, total page size, total structured data for data types, breadcrumb list, organization, and website.
  • Media: This includes an option to filter images based on the number of elements.
Adding keywords at the right place in your content

Using the Structure option you check on exact keywords for each of the structural elements on a page. The structural elements include body, title, paragraphs, meta description, headings above the fold, links, and URL.

Surfer SEO Structure
Surfer SEO Structure
Use the Content Editor to write perfectly optimized content

Our Surfer SEO review observes that Surfer’s content editor saves time when writing optimized content.

Following are the benefits of using the content editor:

  • Helps in creating optimized content for blogs
  • Optimizing keywords for the landing pages
  • Saves time in reviewing copywriter’s work
  • Generate SEO guidelines for your writing

For instance, in the content editor enter the keywords, say for instance, ‘how to learn flash’.

The Content Editor History displays the result when the editor is ready. Click one of the search results in history to view guidelines for the topic.

Guidelines for the Primary Search Item

For the primary search item you selected from the Content Editor History, you’ll find the following sections with guidelines:

  • Pages to include
  • Content structure
  • Important terms
  • Topics and Questions to answer
  • Other relevant terms
Pages to include:

This section provides the guidelines based on your competitors. You may have to select a minimum of 5 competitors for appropriate results.

Content structure

The Content structure section details the words in the Headings, Paragraphs, Bold words, and Images. The suggested number of words for the content will let your page rank better in google.

As you continue to write for the topic on the content box, you’ll find the number of words added to the headings and paragraphs.

Surfer SEO Search
Surfer SEO Search
Important terms

Important terms to use in your content are listed here. The guidelines provided by Content Editor let you post the perfect content. The suggested terms are semantically related to the main keyword.

For instance, the suggestions provided by Surfer include the number of words, paragraphs, and headings to include, keywords or phrases to use and questions to utilize.

Topics and questions to answer

This section provides the topic questions asked by Google users. These suggested questions will let you easily frame the content for the topic in the content editor.

For instance, you’ll notice questions such as is Flash easy to use, how do you make a simple animation and what is flash explain? This will help the writer plan the content in the editor.

Other relevant terms

This shows the other relevant terms that you can possibly include in your content. Include the terms as much as possible to enrich your content.

For an SEO content writer, it is a challenging task to ensure that the topic covered is complete in all respect. For this reason, you can analyze specific keywords before developing content for a page.

Effectively perform Keyword Research

Before writing any content, it is necessary to select the phrases or words you want to target. In Surfer, you can search for keywords to use them in your SEO content development.

Surfer SEO Keyword Research
Surfer SEO Keyword Research

In the Keyword Research tab, you can enter the keywords to research.

Steps to research keyword:

You can research keywords to optimize your content.

  1. In the main menu, open Keyword Research.
  2. Enter the keyword, select the location and click Analyze.
  3. Click one of the target results to view the details.
Surfer SEO Your Analysis
Surfer SEO Your Analysis

The keyword research provides information on the following:

Search volume
  • The number of searches expected for the keyword is indicated.
SERP similarity percentage
  • Indicates the percentage of similarity.
Similar keywords with volume
  • Click on a keyword to view the list of similar keywords with search volume. Surfer displays similar keywords, along with SERP similarity percentage and search volume for each of the keywords. Relevant keywords are given in the similar keywords list.
Export data for reference
  • Use the export data button to send the data to excel format.
Keyword Research left navigation

keyword Research left navigation pane includes 3 options:

  • Clipboard: Surfer saves keywords in the clipboard. You can include them again in your research.
  • Similar keywords: This refers to the number of top web pages that are similar to the target keyword. At least 2 from the top 20 pages also rank for the keywords.
Surfer SEO SERP Similarity
Surfer SEO SERP Similarity
  • Having Same Terms: All the keywords that contain all of the terms of the target keyword are indicated.
Surfer Having Same Terms
Surfer Having Same Terms
  • Questions: This lists the questions from top web pages for the target keyword.

You can get suggestions of questions users usually search on google in the Questions section.

For instance, when you search for ‘SEO best practices’, you get questions such as what are SEO best practices, What is an SEO tool, and so on.

Surfer Question Analysis
Surfer Question Analysis

Shortcuts to Content Editor and SERP Analyzer

Surfer SEO Shortcuts
Surfer SEO Shortcuts

Surfer Pricing Plans

You have three different pricing options to buy Surfer:

  • First, the Basic: This purchase plan is priced at $59 per month.
  • Second, the Pro: This purchase plan is priced at $99 per month.
  • Third, the Business: This purchase plan is priced at $199 per month.
Surfer SEO Pricing Plans
Surfer SEO Pricing Plans
  • The number of actions one can perform under each of the plans varies for SERP analysis, content editing, backlinks & visibility, audits, and keyword research.
  • The number of queries that can be processed for the Business plan is the highest, with about 100 queries a day.
  • Also, the number of queries per month for content editing is 300 for the Business plan.
Comparison of Surfer with other SEO tools

According to our Surfer SEO review, compared to similar SEO tools like Cora, Surfer has an intuitive interface with user-friendly design and presentation. Also, Surfer is reasonably priced with great features compared to other tools that charge much higher than Surfer.

Furthermore, you have the price advantage along with additional features when you go for Surfer.

  • Surfer has a very good user interface that makes even people other than SEO specialists to easily use the tool. On the contrary, to use Cora you may have to be familiar with settings before you can elicit useful information.
  • When it comes to Surfer all information is stored on Cloud as it is a browser-based program. On the other hand, Cora uses plenty of computer space.
  • From our Surfer SEO review, we observe that the Backlink analysis feature is available only to some of the users of the tool. Whereas, Backlinks analysis is done with Ahrefs in the case of Cora and POP.
  • Traffic estimation for domains and URLs is available to users in Poland and the UK, which will be sooner made available to other locations. POP and Cora does not offer traffic estimation for organic traffic prediction.

Surfer SEO review of Pros and Cons 

Here are the pros identified from the review of Surfer SEO:

  • Real-time data from top-ranked websites
  • Easy to use
  • Effective content optimization
  • Excellent customer support
  • Data insights from top 50 pages
  • Data-driven guidelines for writing
  • Location-specific suggestions

Some of the cons identified from the review of Surfer SEO:

  • The trial use of the tool is only for a period of 7 days.
  • Needs little practice for new users to effectively use the guidelines provided by Surfer.


In conclusion, getting the content right requires data-driven decisions. Leverage on the latest SEO tool Surfer for your content creation, competitive analysis, and keywords research.

For SEO success, your content planning should be based on keyword research and competitor website content analysis.

  • If you want to make recommendations to improve the content on your website, then SERP analysis is the only way to provide suggestions.
  • SERP analysis is not a one-time task, you have to perform regularly to improve your website content. You may be skillful in analyzing the SERP google results manually. However, it will be a time-consuming effort if you want to frequently analyze.

Finally, from our Surfer SEO review, the intention of the searcher, the intent behind a query can be easily analyzed. Furthermore, the important terms to include and questions to analyze before planning content can be easily done with the help of Surfer.

Final thought

Our final thought after this Surfer SEO review is the best way to optimize success is through improved content by keyword research and competitor analysis.

Furthermore, always refresh your analysis to keep an eye on your ranking and improve your content whenever necessary to achieve optimization.

Remember you are writing to people, analyzing competitors’ websites will give you the right strategy to attract traffic to your website.

One cannot improve on ranking without analyzing their competitor’s ranking. Here are some strategies to improve on content creation, planning and ranking.

  • Firstly, we need to understand the keyword performance.
  • Secondly, target the right keywords for your webpage.
  • Thirdly, fix all the issues to add terms and remove terms to improve user experience.
  • Finally, create content with attractive headings with the keywords suggested by the Keyword research tool.

The content structure assistance provided by Surfer does not stop with keyword research, it takes into account all structural elements in a page.

If you haven’t seen visible results in improving your ranking, it is time for you to invest in a tool like Surfer which will perform a holistic analysis of all the top-ranked websites. It doesn’t stop with that, Surfer provides writing guidelines based on your primary search.

Finally, SEO optimization is not just adding keywords, you should add value to the audience by providing enriched content. For this, the writing guidelines in Surfer can give valuable insights into what questions to add and how to approach the subject in hand.

Overall, in terms of effectiveness, price, ease of use and support Surfer stands out in the market.