pitchground review

Stay updated in the SaaS marketplace with PitchGround a revolutionary selling platform. Our PitchGround review will provide insights to stand firm in the SaaS marketplace.

Are you a new entrant to the SaaS (Software as a Service) market struggling to carve a place for yourself in the online market?

PitchGround is the fastest growing SaaS marketplace for startups and entrepreneurs who wants to showcase new products. Promote your SaaS products on the PitchGround selling platform.

It is a lucrative place for early adopters who are eager to try new SaaS products in the market.

If you are looking for the best lifetime deals to buy SaaS software products and tools, then PitchGround is the right place to start with.

Our PitchGround review reveals that it offers lifetime deals on premium software products. Early adopters of the product gain the most as the deals are for a specific time period.

PitchGround Review
PitchGround Review
Saas Products

Saas products are hosted centrally and the buyers can access the product through web or mobile rather than downloading or installing the application.

In this PitchGround review, we’ll discuss how PitchGround works, what benefits it offers to the SaaS vendors, how buyers save the bill and the pros and cons of using PitchGround as a selling platform.

What is PitchGround?

Bringing together interested buyers of software products and SaaS vendors in the marketplace is the primary objective of PitchGround. With over 6600+ members in the PitchGround community, SaaS vendors can reach a wider audience.

Do you want to make applications available to online customers through this selling platform? SAAS (Software as a Service) as a distribution model available to online customers where vendors host software products.

PitchGround is a community-driven platform that sells SaaS software products. As an early adopter, you are encouraged with special offerings and best lifetime deals.

Lifetime Deals

Furthermore, tap into this revolutionary selling platform by launching exclusive lifetime deals. Our review of PitchGround encourages you to market in this SaaS platform.

  • Firstly, broaden your audience through PitchGround affiliations
  • Secondly, rapidly scale your traffic to increase sales as it is a community of SaaS vendors
  • Thirdly, Affiliate marketing is an additional marketing channel to optimize your business growth.
  • Finally, the overlaps of the audience in the community of vendors will bring targeted traffic to your product page.

PitchGround Community of SaaS vendors

PitchGround is a place for freelancers, solepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to sell premium products at a discounted price for the target customers. From our PitchGround review, it is clear that it is a community of SaaS vendors meeting with their target audience.

PitchGround is a SaaS marketplace that allows small or any size enterprise customers to buy cloud-based SaaS applications. Buyers can easily find SaaS products that are easy to manage.

Certainly, you can reach millions of users across the globe through this SaaS marketplace to build your business growth.

Advantage of SaaS over downloading or installing applications

Saas Products includes a wide plethora of branding, SEO, accounting, marketing and graphics products. In the SaaS method of delivery, software products can be accessed through the internet without having to download them on your system.

Furthermore, this saves a lot of investment in terms of hardware and software the organization otherwise must invest in installing an on-premise version of the product.

These applications can be accessed from various devices and the buyer need not spend time and money to maintain the network, Operating system, and storage.

Therefore, you can save on 95% of purchase bill through deals and above all SaaS vendor takes care of the maintenance of the software product.

How PitchGround works?

SaaS companies can greatly benefit from PitchGround marketing. In this PitchGround review, we discuss what PitchGround follows to boost your business:

  • Firstly, you as a SaaS vendor share your software product with the community of buyers.
  • Go live with your product deals. Start selling without expensive marketing.
  • Gather feedback from your audience on their interests and preferences. This will help you as a vendor to improve your SaaS product.

Above all, gain the advantage of using PitchGround affiliates to get wider visibility for your SaaS products.

Do you want to scale up your business with PitchGround?

Are you struggling to introduce your new SaaS product to your online targets? PitchGround provides a revolutionary platform to showcase lifetime deals on SaaS products. The exciting and exclusive best deals on Saas tools can definitely take your business to the next level.

Many customers have provided good feedback on PitchGround that the software they sell is far better than other websites in the market. Certainly, it is a platform that has made both vendors and customers happy with good deals and quality products.

Therefore, there is absolutely saving of money in terms of marketing as the PitchGround marketing environment is all-sufficient to bring your SaaS products to the limelight. Even if there is no awareness about a product, the community in the PitchGround will create the ground of awareness.

Above all, spreading the word of your software product in the community will scale up your business easily.

SaaS Buyer benefits on PitchGround

The endless benefits PitchGround offers in terms of bringing together quality and deals is increasing. It provides the opportunity for the buyer to raise a query about the issues they can freely provide feedback comments based on their experience with the product they have purchased from PitchGround.

  • The vital point is PitchGround is open to community complaints and strives to listen and find solutions for every issue customer faces. The community thread serves as a source of input for the vendors to understand customer requirements.
  • More new features to the software products are added based on customer feedback on the PitchGround community.
  • Furthermore, Money-back guarantee is one of the advantages of purchasing through PitchGround. 60 days money-back guarantee is provided by PitchGround, no matter what the reason.
  • The hassle-free money back policy of PitcGround has raised thousands of happy customers.
  • The refund period is from the date of purchase until the 60th day. The buyers have the opportunity to connect with the billing team between Monday – Friday.
Lead Generation
  • Are you looking to try on new SEO and lead generation tools for your business, then rush to PitchGround.
  • Access to essential marketing tools through one selling platform. Get lifetime access to plenty of essential tools that would accelerate your business. Spend less in buying the SaaS product and reap more benefits in business.
  • For instance, if a SaaS product normally costs $99 per month, you can buy lifetime access to the same at just $499. Imagine lifetime access with lesser cost on the bill.
  • Finally, the lifetime access deal includes unlimited access to all features in the product, unlimited integrations, and task flow. These are some of the added benefits in PitchGround offering on selected products.

Lifetime deal offers on SaaS products

Who doesn’t want a lifetime deal offer? Lifetime deal campaign encourages customers to buy once as a special offering from the SaaS company. However, these deals are time-bound and are for a limited period of time.

  • Plenty of lifetime offers are listed in PitchGround deals. A lifetime offer enables the buyer to use the product for the lifetime of the product.
  • Furthermore, there are always plenty of deals on SaaS products listed on PitchGround. You’ll notice deals every week and month.
  • Help buyers with lifetime deals and increase your sales.
  • Certainly, the best product at best deals at the best ground.

PitchGround other Marketing Assistance

Apart from listing your SaaS products, you’ll see PitchGround’s effort to market your products through:

  • Affiliate marketing through various affiliations
  • Facebook PitchGround group
  • Paid Promotion through Ads
  • Customer support

Option to analyze products before you buy on PitchGround

Before you decide to buy a software product on PitchGround deals, you have the option to check the reviews of other customers who have already bought the product.

For the purpose of ascertaining the features and clarifying the queries the prospect has on mind, PitchGround provides product details, FAQs, reviews and community thread to the audience.

Product details

The Details tab on a product page list the product description. This clearly describes what the product is used for, how it can be used along with the key features found in the product.

Listing your product information, features, potential benefits of the product can quicken the understanding of the product and assist in buying decisions.

PitchGround Product Details
PitchGround Product Details

The PitchGround FAQs tab for each of the products, answers all your questions related to the product. This is one way of improving your customer experience by providing quick information while making a buying decision.

Furthermore, all answers in one place to encourage purchase decisions and as a result, boost your sales.

PitchGround FAQs
PitchGround FAQs

The product rating along with the pros and cons of using the product is detailed in the Review tab of the product. You also have the option to write a review on the product. For this click Write Review on the top-right corner of the page.

PitchGround Customer Review
PitchGround Customer Review
Community discussion

From our PitchGround review, we understand that there is an option to take part in the community discussion related to the product. You can either start a new discussion by posting the first question or just continue with the existing discussion.

PitchGround Community
PitchGround Community
A community that helps view and review other business

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to list products in an online selling platform. A community of vendors who can view and review other business products as well.

You as a vendor or customer can view the community discussion in the thread started for the product. It is a great place to not only offer deals but also a place to understand customer queries, complaints, and feedback.

PitchGround builds a relationship with the vendors who have listed deals of products. They provide video presentations about the product along with extensive answering of all questions in the mind of the buyers.

Setting your Sales Pitch

Setting your ground for sales all starts with identifying the problem of your prospect and positioning your product to solve the problem. Bringing clarity in the mind of the early adopters especially before making a purchase decision is vital in selling a SaaS product.

With innumerable products in the SaaS marketplace, differentiation in your product will win the heart of purchasers. This can be easily accomplished with the help of PitchGround community and customer feedback.

  • Provides feature description to enlighten the audience about the differentiated product in the marketplace
  • Good feedback or review creates a lasting impression in the minds of the buyer when going for the product.

Comparison with similar platforms

PitchGround is focused on the SaaS market, easy to set up, and provides wider visibility compared to similar marketing platforms.

PitchGround review of Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of PitchGround review:

  • SaaS companies are attracted to PitchGround for the primary reason of speed up in sales.
  • Gather feedback that is otherwise hard to know from real-time customers.
  • No initial marketing costs.
  • The community in PitchGround can provide the chance of creating brand ambassadors for your product who would promote your product.
  • Lifetime deals
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Round the clock support services

Some of the cons identified from PitchGround review:

  • The SaaS vendor listed on PitchGround should maintain the product and stay long in the market for the buyer to have a lifelong benefit.


In conclusion, SaaS vendors can effectively make use of PitchGround to speed up sales. Join the PitchGround community if you are an early adopter or a prospective buyer who wants to take advantage of deals.

We recommend PitchGround to small and medium-sized businesses that find it hard to sell independently any SaaS products. It creates a lively community to introduce new software products that can otherwise easily go unnoticed in the market.

Small entrepreneurs can attract early adopters through lifetime deals that will set apart their product among the sea of products.

If you are a SaaS company who has worked so hard to develop a new product, make use of the powerful PitchGround to market your super product. What usually takes a year to market a SaaS product can be easily marketed within a shorter time frame. Give your company sales a boost today!