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If you are a social media marketer, then your focus would be on increasing audience engagement in major social media platforms like Facebook. Read our review on top Facebook ads spy tools to take advantage of social marketing.

  • Facebook ads are an excellent way of enhancing audience engagement, increase traffic to your website, lead generation, encourage signups, and sales.
  • Nevertheless, there are some factors you have to have in place to design ads with a high conversion rate on Facebook.

Above all, there is a way to avoid costly mistakes when creating Facebook ads.

The result of any marketing campaign should be able to deliver returns on the funds you employed on your paid campaigns.

Therefore, the essential factor is to use Facebook ads spy tools to analyze how to create compelling social ads while reducing trial and error mistakes.

What Are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

The word ‘spy’ means to discern or make out or secretly obtain information. As the word says it all, a Facebook ad spy tool can help digital marketers and enterprises to spy on their competitors’ ads. Additionally, you get ideas from their best practices, successes stories, and of course errors before they create their ads.

What are the things you need to spy on your competitors?

The list is endless and includes a complete analysis of everything the competitor does. This includes:

  • Firstly, style, creativity, and design of the ad
  • Secondly, the strategies of competitors’ ads
  • Thirdly, the interactions with audiences in likes, comments, and share
  • Fourthly, best practices followed in the ad campaign
  • Fifthly, errors or mistakes they faced
  • Finally, spy the best-performing and running ads

Whether you’re a small-sized firm or a large enterprise, you need to have a Facebook Ad Spy tool in place to get started with your Facebook ad strategy.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top 10 Facebook Ad Spy tools, its features, and benefits in using in your ad campaign.

Ad Spy ToolPrimary AdvantageURL
PowerAdSpyProfit big without spending money on ads that don’t workhttps://poweradspy.com/
AdSpyDiscover the ads your competitors are runninghttps://app.adspy.com/account/subscription
Magic AdzSocial ads intelligence toolhttps://www.magicadz.co/
PexgleDiscover the best performing adshttps://www.pexgle.com/
ConnectioOptimize your Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketinghttps://connectio.io/
IdvertComprehensive advertising offer analysishttps://www.idvert.com/150/index.html
AdbeatSpy on your competitor ad strategyhttps://www.adbeat.com/
AdEspressoEffective digital advertisinghttps://adespresso.com/
Social AdScoutAccess millions of ad exampleshttps://socialadscout.com/
AdSectorLearn from your competitors and eliminate guessworkhttps://adsector.com/



A leading Facebook ads spy tool that is preferred by ad agencies, global advertisers, media buyers, and marketing influencers, and digital marketing professionals.

Furthermore, you’ll get the strategies of the best running ads for any social ad campaign in no time.

Besides, the key features provided in PowerAdSpy are:

  • Create inspiring Facebook ads from the database
  • Design winning ad strategies faster
  • Supports Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram.
  • Filter by country, age, language, CTA, ad type, ad position to improve your ad
  • Powerful search algorithm to search based on advertisers, keywords, and domains related to your business
  • Delivers engagement oriented details of Facebook ads
  • Sort by Likes, comments, newest, and running longest
  • Data interval search
  • Search ads with exact and relevant keywords for better analysis
  • Data live from 15 plus countries
  • Shows the latest trends, engagement and reach
  • Bookmark the best ads that you would like to use in the upcoming campaigns
  • Geo-targeting in viewing on competitor strategies per location
  • View live ads and a real-time monitor of competition’s ads

Furthermore, the competitive benchmarking feature lets you compare ad spend, the share of voice and other metrics.

Above all, the purchase plans are available for the Adbeat standard for $249/month, Advanced for $399/month and Enterprise option for accessing advanced reporting tools with 2 years of data. Again, for the Enterprise option, call the customer support to know more details.



A facebook ad tool much similar to PowerAdSpy in terms of features and benefits. Popular Facebook ads spying tool that helps you unfold the competitor’s ads on Facebook.

Furthermore, using this you can view your competitor’s techniques and use them to your own ad campaigns.

Again, some of the key features:

  • Adspy doesn’t stop you as to how many followers you want to follow.
  • You can bookmark ads in the database
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Discover compelling new campaigns
  • Save money on testing campaigns
  • uncover thriving new products
  • monitor the competition’s brands
  • scout for the best markets globally
  • browse ads by what’s most important

Moreover, you’ll understand what works or doesn’t work, including affiliate ads or offers the competition is currently running. All these will give you the idea to launch the best ad.

Above all, the tool is priced at $149 per month, with unlimited access to all the features.

Magic Adz

MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool
MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool

Certainly, your successful campaigns start with MagicAdz. If you’re a marketer, an e-commerce company, affiliate or affiliate network, then MagicAdz is a powerful aid in your campaign.

Furthermore, you can create compelling and engaging ads. This can be done by investigating and drawing insights by competitor spying.

Moreover, MagicAdz grants you test run your advertisements and gauge performance.

MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool
MagicAdz FB Ad Spy Tool

Additionally, the essential features offered by MagicAdz are:

  • Investigate ads by scanning through ads from the archive
  • Search by keywords used inside ads, landing pages, and comments
  • Search by the audience and ad type by and engagement
  • Spot Ad Info & Performance statistics
  • Discover  millions of Facebook Ads by keywords
  • Track your competitors
  • Search affiliate ads

Furthermore, you can sort ads by latest scanned, first scanned, newly scanned, oldest scanned, most liked, most commented and most shared.

MagicAdz Search for Ads
MagicAdz Search for Ads

Above all, attractive pricing plans available for MagicAdz:

  • The Essential plan is available for $99/monthly user
  • The Pro plan for businesses that need affiliate and e-commerce ads $199 p/monthly user
  • The Premium plan to discover full funnels, offers, Ecom’s and affiliate ads for $299 p/monthly user

Additionally, the Enterprise plan for agencies and large companies seeking custom solutions at $749 for multiple users.



An all-in-one winning product and ads toolkit for marketers who want to take their business to the next level.

Certainly, Pexgle is designed to grow your business at the rate of $15000 a day/ It is meant for:

  • Salespeople to increase revenue and conversion rates
  • Marketing people to enable them to use winning ads
  • Research people to uncover the best products in the market
  • CEO to expand current niche and move to the next one

Furthermore, Pexgle toolkit will let you discover winning products.

Pexgle Tool Kit
Pexgle Tool Kit

Above all, the benefits of using Pexgle are:

  • You can skyrocket your conversion rate with trending products
  • Boost revenue and profitability of sales
  • Save funds on ads by unveiling the best ads
  • Analyze trends, competitors strategy and analyze audience buying behavior

Certainly, you can scale your business faster within less time with the help of this tool.

Finally, three pricing plans are available in purchasing pexgle:

  • The Pro plan for drop shippers, startups and in-house marketers with a limited budget at $74.95 per month
  • The Guru plan for SMB, E-commerce projects, and growing marketing agencies at $199.95 per month
  • The Business plan to fit the marketing needs at $499.95 per month

You have a 7-day free trial to start with Pexgle.



Idvert is the world’s largest Online Ads Competitive Intelligence tool

The key features available in Idvert are:

  • Creative page including the Creative, Copywriting, Ads position, First Seen, Last Seen, Device, Geo, Offer name, Affiliate Network, Money page, Offer page, Advertising analysis and suggestion.
  • Search by keywords in the top search bar, or screen through different filters according to your needs such as Ads format, Device, First Seen Date and Last Seen, date, language, GEO, Action, Affiliate Network, and Category.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis and tracking of the latest hottest Facebook/Native/Adult ads in more than 60 countries, it generates an up-to-date offer overview and analysis.
  • Analysis of Various Offer Advertising Trends
  • Various Offer Area Analysis
  • Offer Source Analysis
  • Publishers analysis
  • Traffic platform analysis
  • Offer analysis
  • Domain Name Analysis
Idvert Sort
Idvert Sort

Above all, Idvert is priced at $199/month per user for full access to the database, detailed AD analysis and advertising strategy, unlimited search limit per day.


AdSector Ad Spy Tool
AdSector Ad Spy Tool

If you want to search through a vast amount of ads in seconds, AdSector is an excellent Spy tool for you.

The benefits of using AdSector are:

  • Find images that resonate with your clients
  • Develop creative and effective ads
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time status checker
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Search and filter option to search based on the advertiser, publisher, keywords, interest, live activities on landing pages
  • bookmark your favorite ads
  • Proprietary filtering functions

Nevertheless, price is on the higher side compared to other tools available in the market for the number of features offered by AdSector. The regular price for AdSector is $323 per month and the offer price is $249 per month.

In conclusion, it is an excellent spy tool. You can easily learn from your competitors and eliminate guesswork, thereby saving on costly mistakes.



Connectio can automate and optimize your Facebook Advertising for connecting audience, target, and interest.


The benefits of using Connectio are saved time, increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and make more money in business.

Futhermore, all solutions in one place, Connectio is one of the reliable ad spy tools. The power features include:

  • Audience
  • leads
  • retarget
  • explore
  • automate
Connectio Solutions
Connectio Solutions

The key features of Connectio are:

  • Connecting audience feature helps your research the buyers, tracking your subscriber’s behavior with your emails for the purpose of building a good subscriber list.
  • The retargeting feature helps you convert to a sale, increase click-through rates, increase brand search and increase revenue
  • The automated feature helps you automate social media campaigns that sell.
  • You no longer need to waste funds on underperforming ads and run profitable ads
  • Fetch you higher ROI on your ad spend
  • The explore feature helps you optimize your time by adding new untapped interests to your ad sets



Adbeat is an essential tool to spy on your competitor strategies. It is the future of competitive intelligence as it makes available massive amounts of data, rich tools for insights and reports.

  • The key features of Adbeat include:
  • High-quality data with wide coverage across 120 plus ad networks that are on the top.
  • Insights provide you with media buying strategies, landing pages, top creatives, and estimated spend on advertisements
  • Reporting feature can generate reports in different formats and allows you to set up alerts
  • Advanced options to compare advertisers, dive into campaigns and get all the data in few clicks

Furthermore, the dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of media buying strategy.

Adbeat Insights
Adbeat Insights

The competitive benchmarking feature lets you compare ad spend, the share of voice and other metrics.

Adbeat Compare Tool
Adbeat Compare Tool

Above all, the purchase plans are available for the Adbeat standard for $249/month, Advanced for $399/month and Enterprise option for accessing advanced reporting tools with 2 years of data. For the Enterprise option, call the customer support to know more details.


AdEspresso Facebook Ads Spy Tool
AdEspresso Facebook Ads Spy Tool

AdEpresso is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools that perform ad management and ad spying on the competition.

The benefits of AdEspresso are:

  • ad gallery with many ad instances from the competition worldwide,
  • Compare Facebook Ads performance and get a benchmark of your campaign
  • Track Facebook conversions
  • Create your campaigns on multiple platforms
  • analyze your campaign
  • Optimize your campaign
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Asset Manager and PDF reporting
  • Like Info & Ads
  • Search and filter the ads you want to include

Furthermore, AdEspresso’s ad gallery has more than 15,000 ads that can be used to build your ads.

Additionally, get insights into how competitor brands market their services or products.

Therefore, implement the right strategy for your ads, based on your competitor observation.

Above all, AdEspresso offers four pricing plans to benefit the users:

  • Base plan for $58
  • The premium for $166
  • Elite for $333
  • Diamond for $499

Apart from this, you have the trial option for 14 days.

Social Ad Scout


Social Ad Scout is one of the Facebook Ads Spy Tools that provides real-time information on what your competitors. Certainly, you’ll know what competitors are doing from millions of Facebook ads.

Furthermore, this lets you target a specific audience segment and omit what you don’t need for your strategy.

  • For instance, extensive data on timelines, when and how often an ad was seen, how it is ranked, who saw it and how many times, and the devices it was seen
  • Download landing pages and store them including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts and style sheets

Besides, the benefits of using Social Ad Scout are:

  • Boost your ad conversions through effective strategies
  • View latest and instant updates from 21 countries
  • Search option based on geographical location, URLs, text, last seen, ad types, performance indicators, and device type.
  • Extremely fast interface
  • Comprehensive ad formats
  • Desktop and mobile ads
  • Permanent ads archive

Furthermore, the exact targeting feature lets you target exactly what is needed to get to your targets through Facebook Ads.

Also, you’ll notice live ad analytics with data from channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Finally, the price plans available are Premium for $147 for one user per month and Agency for $127 two users per month. Option to get a customized plan is available for $97 per month.

Our Final thoughts on FB Ads Spy Tools

In conclusion, FB Ads spy tools are indispensable when it comes to online marketing and e-commerce. With the growing number of active users and billions of ad clicks annually, Facebook is a lucrative social platform for your business to market your products.

Certainly, the 10 Facebook ads spying tools discussed in this article can help your marketing efforts get to the next level, depending on your campaigning goals, fund availability, and the kind of audience you’re looking for.

Moreover, most of the tools offer you a trial version, which is a good place to start with. You can then upgrade to business, premium or pro plans based on your scaling ability.